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Install Tindo Solar Panels own yourself

Ali Mughal
Install Tindo Solar Panels own yourself

Many merchant sites now offer solar kits to install yourself. The goal is to democratize solar energy by offering an “easy” installation. However, an average user will quickly be lost if he does not have the technical vocabulary and some electrical skills. Here is a complete tutorial for neophytes. It is a ground installation with the photovoltaic panels connected to a socket and without the need to touch the electricity meter.

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Analyze and reduce your electricity consumption:

The purpose of this installation to install the Solar energy in Australia oneself is to produce during the day part of the electricity necessary for its consumption, this is called self-consumption . To get off to a good start, you need to know your electricity consumption precisely .Tindo Solar offers a solar investment that reaps the energy bill savings in the process.

Install Tindo Solar Panel yourself on an outlet

We start by noting our instantaneous consumption at several times of the day when no particular device is working. It provides information on the "consumption stub", i.e. the appliances which operate almost continuously: ventilation, internet box, refrigerator... To do this, you can use the Links meter by pressing the "+" button 4 times. . In our case, we are around 250W. We note that electrical appliances that heat up are very energy-intensive and will most often exceed production capacities.

Reduction of consumption: In this case, the in-depth analysis made it possible in particular to detect unnecessary standby : 15 W for the electric bicycle charger. In addition, the induction hob consumes more than 100 VA (Volt Ampere) in standby. This energy is not billed but it is better to switch off this device completely to avoid unnecessary consumption.

Choose the power of your Solar Panel in Australia:

Power sizing: The solar panels will supply all the equipment in the house that consumes during the solar period. The objective of this installation to install oneself is to cover the heel of consumption, that is to say approximately 250 W. It is considered that a photovoltaic panel produces approximately 75% of its peak power under normal conditions. Thus, a standard 275 Wp panel will most often produce around 200 W.

To cover our consumption stub, we therefore need 2 solar panels for a total power of 550 Wp and rather 400 W most of the time. The surplus will be used to operate other devices or will be injected into the network. Note that with more recent solar panels which are at least 400 Wp.

Buy your Tindo solar panels and calculate the profitability:

Buy Solar Panel Sydney to install yourself: There are many websites that offer the sale of solar panels to install yourself. Here are a few in alphabetical order:


Watt U Need During your search, you should limit yourself to “self-consumption kits” with a pre-wired AC box (pictured above). Here is the call for tenders made in this case:

Receipt of Tindo Solar Panels and prerequisites for installation:

Reception: The carrier agrees in advance to an appointment at home and the pallet is received a few days after the order. The equipment is well protected and the packaging reduced to the strict minimum. Best Solar Panel company in Australia .This is the subject of the rest of this article. The reception is an opportunity to “get to know” the equipment. Attention, the male plug (socket) is not provided:

Prerequisites for installation: This involves the installation of 2 photovoltaic solar panels placed on the ground and plugged into a socket. This installation absolutely requires that the socket be protected at the level of the electrical panel by a 30 mA circuit breaker. Skills required: The installation was carried out by a single person, without any special DIY or electrical skills. It is still preferable to be two, especially to carry the 19 kg solar panels.

  • Necessary tools :
  • DIY solar panel installation tools
  • 10mm spanner
  • 10mm and 8mm sockets
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Stripping pliers (or cutter)
  • Folding and cutting pliers

Important ! We advise you to carry out the installation during the opening hours of the technical service. This will remove any doubts if there are any. Do not hesitate to consult their practical guide on the different stages of a photovoltaic solar project .In this case, Oscars Power was contacted for the fixing of the micro-inverter and the grounding of the panels. The technical team is pedagogical and competent, we must not deprive ourselves of it. She also did the technical proofreading of this article, a big thank you to her!

Laying Recusal plastic bins

Preparation of the support: Start by mowing where the panels will be placed. A woven fabric can be unrolled to facilitate future maintenance. This also allows the panels to be moved to a certain extent (easy sliding). Be careful that the tarpaulin cannot cast a shadow on the panels. Solar energy in Australia

Installation and ballasting of the Recusal trays: The trays are then positioned in the desired location and the ballast is provided with stones, sand or any other heavy material (old earthenware tiles in this case). Check that the ballast does not protrude from the support. Fixing the micro-inverter: In one of the trays, there must be a space to fix the micro-inverter (and put the box in a second step).

Install Step ling the Tindo Solar Panels:

Fixing the supports on the Tindo solar panels: The solar panels are turned over to access the frame and the fixing bars are positioned. Be careful, they must not be too off-center at the risk of not fitting on the plastic Binford screwing, we start with the side where there are pre-drilled holes. The bolt with a washer is held under the frame with a wrench while the head is screwed on top. The mounting tabs at the end should face up Solar Panel Sydney. The operation is repeated at the other end, pierced with an oblong hole. Freeing the cables: Cables fixed by a cable tie can be freed. Fixing the 60 cm earth cable: On each panel, the small earth cable is screwed onto the frame at the location of the symbol.

How we can now fix one of the panels on the plastic support

Laying a panel on its base: We can now fix one of the panels on the plastic support. The second tray, which houses the micro-inverter, will be "closed" later .To do this, the panel fitted with its bars is positioned on the plastic support in a centered manner. Check that the connection cables are close to the second panel. It is easier to be two for this step. A metal tab is then clipped under each end of the bars so that the holes overlap. Everything is assembled using the self-drilling screws provided. A screwdriver is preferable at this stage, but failing that, drilling can be done easily with a screwdriver. Preparation for connections: On the panel fixed to its support, the cables are taken out from inside the tray (including the earth wire).

Ali Mughal
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