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Accidentally Spilled Curry on Your White Marble Backsplash Kitchen? Here’s What You Must Know

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Accidentally Spilled Curry on Your White Marble Backsplash Kitchen? Here’s What You Must Know

Love for cooking is great but you must ensure that you aren’t spilling it around your kitchen. And if you’ve got a white marble backsplash kitchen, you must check it. Marble is prone to staining, as it’s a porous stone. Hence, a few spills of your favourite curry can stain it badly. If left untreated for days, it can get stubborn and ruin your kitchen look.


But well, following some tips, it’s easy to remove curry spills from your marble backsplash. Let’s explore that in the below blog post.


Why do curry spills stain marble backsplashes?


Marble backsplash is usually the area behind the stove or countertop. Accidental spills are normal when making curry. But a few spills can stain your marble backsplash. Here’re some reasons why,


1. If your marble backsplash isn’t properly sealed, it can get badly stained with the spices of your cooking. If your curry consists of pigmented spices like turmeric or red chilli powder, it can stain your marble.


2. The marble surface is porous. Thus, a single spill on the surface can get into the stone and stain it badly. When the spills from your cooked curry come into contact with your marble backsplash get absorbed into the stone and result in a yellowish stain.


3. Curries contain turmeric and turmeric is a yellowish-orange pigment. So, it can easily stain marble surfaces if it isn’t sealed properly.


How to remove curry stains from your white marble kitchen?


Now you know why a few curry spills can stain your white marble backsplash. So, how can you remove the stains from the surface? Here’re the expert tips,


A. Using baking soda and water:


1. Mix baking soda and water in equal parts.


2. Give it a gentle stir to make a thick paste (poultice).


3. Once the paste is ready, apply it over the curry spills on your marble backsplash.


4. Cover the entire area with the poultice and let it sit at least for 30 minutes (or 24 hours).


5. After the paste is dried off, wipe the paste with a clean, damp cloth.


6. If the stains persist, repeat the process from the start.


B. Using natural stone stain remover:


7. Look for a natural stone cleaner that’s marble-friendly.


8. Get a spray bottle and spray the cleaner generously over the curry spills on your marble.


9. Once done, wipe the cleaner away with a clean, soft cloth.


Can you prevent curry stains on marble backsplashes?


Even though it’s pretty easy to remove curry spills and stains from marble backsplash, you should try to prevent it from happening. It’ll ensure that your stone backsplash is safe from accidental spills like curry or sauce.


Well, here’re some tips from professional stone experts,


1. One of the best ways to prevent curry spills from staining the marble backsplash is to seal it frequently. This’ll create a protective barrier that can prevent liquids and other cooking materials from getting absorbed into the marble. Ensure to reseal your white marble every 3-6 months.


2. If you notice curry spills on your marble backsplash, ensure to take care of it immediately. The longer the spills will be there on your marble backsplash, the more difficult it’d be to remove them. Once you notice any spills, use paper towels or soft cloths to wipe it as soon as possible.


3. The last tip is to be careful when cooking curries around your marble backsplash. If you’re making curries with turmeric or red chilli powder, do it sparingly. Hence, you can prevent them from coming into contact with your marble backsplash. Besides that, be careful when putting things on hot oils, as it can also stain your marble.


Can’t decide how to remove stubborn curry spills from your white marble backsplash kitchen? Well, following the right tips can help you remove them from your marble. We hope this blog will help you with that.


Author Bio: The Author is a pro stonemason. For years, he’s helped many people find the right marble backsplash kitchen for their interiors. Also, he’s written many blogs and articles on the same.

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