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Top Places to Visit for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

Rahul Choudhary
Top Places to Visit for Pre-Wedding Shoot in Rajasthan

It is that time of the year again—wedding season is here! Even though weddings might feel a bit different this year, the excitement for those finally tying the knot is palpable. There is something special about this year after all! But let us be honest, a wedding without an extravagant, lavish, and royal pre-wedding shoot just does not quite feel complete, does it? And when it comes to choosing a venue, what could be more perfect than the majestic land of forts and palaces, Rajasthan?

So, here we are with the perfect list of ideas, locations, and photographers that ensure no compromise. Ladies, get ready for your dream pre-wedding shoot in Rajasthan! Choosing the perfect spot for your pre-wedding shoot is like selecting a setting to narrate the beautiful story of your love. It is a journey of emotions and passion, captured in every frame. This is your once-in-a-lifetime experience, so savour every moment!

1. Jaisalmer

 If you are the kind of person who likes to add a touch of uniqueness, then Jaisalmer is the city for you. While many are opting for Udaipur and Jaipur, consider this gem of Rajasthan—Jaisalmer. We have all fantasized about wearing regal attire and being photographed during the golden hour in majestic forts and palaces with our loved ones, haven't we? Jaisalmer is here with the perfect ideas to reignite that love.

This city is not just about its forts and stone walls; you will also find a perfect blend of music, art, history, and poetry. Whether it is capturing elegant royal moments or dancing to traditional steps with the locals, witnessing the majestic sunset from the fort, or exploring the local market—Jaisalmer has it all. And most importantly, the city has a magical way of bringing out the eternal love between a couple in the most romantic way imaginable!

2. Udaipur

For those interested in stories and fairy tales, Udaipur, the city of lakes, is sure to bring your tale to life. This city captures the essence of many sweet, modern couples with a fairy-tale dream—a dream where a prince eagerly awaits his princess, dressed in the most beautiful yellow ghagra-choli. Udaipur, with its majestic colours, sunsets, lakes, and stunning palaces, seamlessly adds the perfect blend of romance and hues to your already oh-so-romantic love story.

And what could be more romantic than receiving a marriage proposal in a charming little camp set beside a flickering campfire amidst the hills of this breathtaking city? The mere thought of it is enough to make one swoon, agree? So, go for a Car Rental in Udaipur and head to this romantic city of Rajasthan to craft countless memories of love.

3. Jaipur

For those seeking a blend of modern and traditional vibes, Jaipur is the perfect choice for your pre-wedding shoot. Capture the city in a breathtaking manner and bring out your young love. Jaipur, with its traditional architecture and echoes of forgotten royal love stories, evokes a sense of nostalgia. Also, it offers city-like surroundings with its modern cafes and bars.

The towering magical forts, stone walls, and pink skies add a touch of romance and make your pre-wedding shoot feel nothing short of a cinematic experience. Want a touch of luxury on your trip to the Pink City? Go for Tempo Traveller Rental Jaipur equipped with world-class features and explore its stunning architectural marvels and bustling attractions with luxury and comfort.

4. Jodhpur

This one is for the adventurous souls who love to experiment. Any guesses on the city? It has to be none other than the breathtaking walled city of the state– Jodhpur. With a unique selection of songs, the blue architecture of the city transforms the two lovebirds into an absolutely gorgeous sight. So, go ahead, ladies, get a Tempo Traveller rental Jodhpur to live out your dream of dressing up like Katrina Kaif from 'Teri Ore' and getting clicked while strolling on the sand dunes of the city. It is your special day, after all!

Have a touch of tradition by dressing yourself in Rajasthani attire, with Mame Khan’s ‘Chaudhary’ playing in the background. Now is the perfect time for all of this, as the pleasant December sun adds just the right amount of warmth to your shoot. Dreamy, isn't it?

5. Alwar

Next up on the list is another delightful shoot in our beloved city of Rajasthan – Alwar. This city offers some of the most aesthetically pleasing spots for your shoot, ranging from its rustic local market and lakes to the royal forts and traditional architecture. Here is more, Alwar becomes even more artistic and stunning in December. Imagine a cool breeze messing up with your hair and the winter sun gently rising from behind the clouds, a perfect backdrop for your dream pre-wedding shoot. Throw in the right music, and let the walls of the city tell the story of your love!

6. Chittorgarh

For those whose lives revolve around movies (yes, we exist!), here is one for you. Next up, we have the marvellous city straight out of the movie ‘Padmaavat’ – Chittorgarh. The Chittorgarh Fort and Sher Khan Haveli will bring your dream shoot to life. The weather becomes an added perk, as the scorching heat is unlikely to bother you during this time of the year. Moreover, the crowd density is usually low, so you will not feel too camera-conscious either.

7. Kishangarh

Amidst all these royal photoshoot locations, what if you desire one in the snow but Kashmir seems too far? Fear not, as this princely Indian state offers snowy vibes for your photoshoot in Kishangarh. The marble dumping yard here exudes a snowy atmosphere and thus sets the perfect stage for your pre-wedding shoot with a snowy theme.


India, with its diverse landscapes, offers a canvas for your love story—from hills to beaches, you can pick a place that resonates with your journey. Among these options, there is something truly magical about Rajasthan. This ancient land, steeped in history, becomes the backdrop for a prewedding photoshoot that is both romantic and glamorous.

In this Indian state, you will find architectural wonders that echo tales of a bygone era. So, toss away your worries, pack your most stunning outfits, and prepare for a pre-wedding photoshoot where you will feel like royalty. And the best part? Many of these locations have minimal or no entry fees. From the regal streets of Jaipur to the enchanting landscapes of Jodhpur, the golden shades of Jaisalmer, the spiritual charm of Pushkar, and the romantic allure of Udaipur—each place in Rajasthan adds a touch of grandeur to your prewedding story.

Rahul Choudhary
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