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How Do Sealants Protect Your Teeth?

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How Do Sealants Protect Your Teeth?

There’s a reason why dentists start educating us about our dental health from a young age: because the habits that we develop early on often dictate how our health is in the future. 


These days, a lot of the foods and drinks we consume are filled with sugar. Sugar is by no means a bad thing, but we must maintain a balanced diet in order to keep our bodies functioning as they’re meant to. Kids, in particular, are quite susceptible to the problems that too much sugar can cause to our teeth, mainly because they’re still learning and practicing how to brush properly. 


To help your children preserve and protect their oral hygiene, you may want to consider dental sealants in Calgary. For more information, contact our local dental practice. 


What are Dental Sealants? 


Dental sealants are just another name for a thin coating that’s applied to your teeth to stop food debris and other bacteria from building up on the surface. More specifically, sealants are carefully painted onto the small grooves and fissures located there, which are known for being notorious to brush. Typically, they’re applied to our premolars and molars because, when we develop cavities, this is where they tend to form. 


Although this treatment is often recommended for youngsters, it’s not exclusive to any one population; anyone can receive dental sealants to boost their oral hygiene. Talk to a dental clinic near you to learn more. They’ll be able to tell you if you’re an ideal candidate for this process or if another avenue of care would be more appropriate. 


Taking preventative measures to protect your teeth and gums from bacteria, plaque, and tartar is important if you want to have a healthy, radiant smile now and in the future. The sooner we address such issues, the sooner we can gain control of our dental health. 


Receiving Dental Sealants 


Having dental sealants applied by a dental clinic in Calgary is a straightforward process that only requires a single appointment to do. 


When you come in, your dentist will first perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums. They may also take a series of x-rays to develop an accurate picture of the current state of your oral health. 


Next, your dentist will apply the sealants onto one, a few, or all your teeth. The actual sealant is made of a special resin or plastic that will not irritate your oral tissues. A UV light is employed to harden the sealant into place. Altogether, this takes around fifteen to twenty minutes. 


And then, you’re all done! If you have any questions or concerns about receiving dental sealants, be sure to let your dentist know. After all, you deserve to be as comfortable as possible. 


It’s important to remember that, although dental sealants can be more costly than a routine dental cleaning or having porcelain veneers applied, if you take care of them, it is a worthwhile investment indeed. On average, sealants can last up to ten years before needing to be replaced. 


Furthermore, dental sealants are by no means a replacement for daily brushing and flossing. 


Are you interested in receiving dental sealants near you? Or are you interested in having your child receive them? In either case, at Centre & 12th Dental, we’ve got you covered! Our staff is ready and willing to walk you through the treatment from beginning to end so that there are no surprises. 


If you’re ready to get started, call, or visit our website to schedule a consultation! We look forward to working with you and your family very soon! 


Centre & 12th Dental
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