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An Overview Of Single Girder Vs Double Girder Eot Crane

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An Overview Of Single Girder Vs Double Girder Eot Crane

EOT (Electric overhead traveling) cranes, often known as eot overhead cranes or overhead eot cranes with a single or double girder. The main beam, runways, electric drive, control device, eot crane trolley traveling tools, and many other components are employed in these eot cranes. Moreover, the eot cranes are utilized in a variety of settings, including steel mills, petrochemical plants, and building sites. You may be wondering if a single-girder or double-girder type is more suited to your requirements. For your clarity, a comprehensive overview of single girder vs double girder eot crane is discussed in this blog. 

Moreover, before delving into the specifics of single girder and double girder eot crane, it's critical to understand what a 'girder' is. A girder or bridge acts as the crane's backbone, allowing the hoist and trolley to move freely. The girder's design is critical to the performance of your crane, whether it is rolled from solid steel or built as a welded steel box for increased strength. 

Single Girder Vs Double Girder Eot Crane

Single Girder Eot Crane

The small form and modular construction of single-girder EOT cranes allow them to hoist a big load. EOT cranes with a single girder are built using premium wire rope hoists.

Advantages of Single Girder Eot Crane

Budget-Friendly: Simplicity is frequently associated with cost-efficiency. Single girder cranes are less expensive since they use fewer materials and have less complexity.

Efficiency and space: These cranes provide superior hook approaches and make the best use of available space. Such cranes are often utilized in regions with limited vertical space.


  • Single-girder cranes often have a reduced weight capacity, rendering them unsuitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • Due to the crane's simpler form, adding other elements such as crabs or pathways is more difficult.

Double Girder Eot Crane

These eot cranes are commonly utilized where capacities of more than 10 tons and spans of 60 to 100 feet are necessary. Your material handling efficiency is doubled with a double-girder eot crane. 

Advantages of Double Girder Eot Crane

High Load Capacity: With the ability to lift very heavy weights, these cranes are the preferred choice for heavy-duty industrial applications.

Versatility: These cranes are highly versatile since they can easily integrate extra elements such as cabs, lighting systems, and walkways.


  • High performance has a monetary cost. Double girder cranes can be fairly expensive in terms of materials, added features, and installation.
  • Double girder Eot cranes necessitate greater overhead space, which may not be accessible in all facilities.


From the comparison of single girder vs double girder eot cranes, we have concluded that the single girder eot cranes are often less expensive than double girder eot cranes, but their lifting capability is smaller. A double girder eot crane is a better solution for lifting huge loads. Double girder eot cranes are also more sturdy, making them an excellent alternative if you need to move your cargo frequently. 

Nevertheless, it all depends on the requirements for which you need an Eot crane. A single girder type is an excellent choice for a light-duty application. If you need an eot crane for a heavy-duty application, a double-girder model is a superior option. You may visit Ganesh Engineering to explore more options.

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