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Top 5 DIY Cricut Garden Projects for a Lively Outdoor Space

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Top 5 DIY Cricut Garden Projects for a Lively Outdoor Space

Cricut cutting machines are used to make all sorts of DIY projects. It includes projects for personal use like water bottles, mugs, and t-shirts. Also, you can make projects for home purposes, such as wall decals, labels, and stickers. Further, projects are also used to sell and improve the crafting business. A user can make any craft of their wish with a single Cricut machine. However, this blog focuses on easy Cricut garden projects. These projects will surely make your garden look more lively for you to sit and enjoy the silence.

1.  Designing Pot

Usually, Plan pots look plain and simple, or in other words, boring. Since you have a Cricut machine, why not use it to add style and personality to your garden? If you love bold prints or subtle designs, use permanent vinyl to customize the look of your pot. It is because permanent vinyl is best for outdoor use as it is UV- and water-resistant. Further, it can stay the same for up to three years.

You only need to design whatever you want on Cricut Design Space and print the same on vinyl using a Cricut machine. After that, attach the design to the surface of the pot. Now, you have left with a beautiful pot that increases your garden’s aesthetic.

2.  Gardeners Paradise

A garden box is a place where a gardener stores tools. However, you can also make it more interesting to look at with your Cricut machine. Here too, use permanent vinyl for its durability and water-resistant ability.

Further, you can even design a garden box and give it to someone fond of gardening. So, you can personalize anything with a Cricut machine and the right project.

3.  Garden Gloves

If you have never thought of it, this one among all the Cricut garden projects can be interesting. That is to personalize garden gloves. Please add your initials or name for this project. Further, you can add a leaf or small plant design on the glove.

To make a personalized garden glove, you need an Easy press Cricut machine. You need to press the vinyl onto the globe’s surface. You can also use Infusible Ink, which directly fuses to the glove’s fabric. Both the materials are good to use, and you can choose depending on your likes.

4.  Garden Entry Sign Board

Making a custom vinyl signboard is an easy way to decorate your garden. The Cricut machines are known to make crafting projects quicker and easier. These boards will be an addition to your beautiful garden.

Further, Permanent vinyl is a perfect material to use for this project. It is an attractive material that makes the garden board a more inviting place. You can attach the vinyl onto cardboard, chipboard, or wooden board.

5.  Labeling the Herbs or Plants

Do you want others to know which herbs or plants you have planted in your garden? Also, if you are a person who can forget names easily, then this project will be best for you.

With a Cricut machine, you can design the names of plants and herbs in attractive fonts. Next, cut the names on vinyl. You can even use Cricut pens and markers and write the names on the material.


Cricut machines are designed to help you craft anything you wish for. Along with its Design Space from where you can design, upload, or download the project. This blog focusing on Cricut Garden Projects will help you improve your garden’s look. We have covered five essential ideas: making gloves, a signboard, and designs and labels for pots and plants. However, you can do any other project to make the garden look more beautiful.


What is a Cricut Machine?

Cricut is a company that makes smart cutting machines. There are many models of Cricut machines, such as Maker, Maker 3, Explore 3, Air 2, and Joy. All these machines are different from each other, but they can cut many different materials so that you can make many types of Cricut garden projects. You can custom-make cards, t-shirts, and other everyday items.

How to make labels with Cricut Joy?

To make labels with your Cricut Joy machine, design your labels on Design Space by selecting either text or images. Next, create as many labels as you need for your project and select the Make it an option. Now, load the material into the machine, and it will cut the designed labels. Finally, apply Transfer Tape and attach the labels to your product.

What is Cricut Everyday Iron-On?

The Everyday Iron-On by Cricut is a heat-transfer material that can outlast 50 or more washes. It can work with the widest base materials, even wood. You can make projects such as customized t-shirts, tote bags, home decors, wall decals, and more. You can even use one color layer or up to four colors to create unique designs.

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