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What PSI Pressure Do You Need to Clean Windows?

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What PSI Pressure Do You Need to Clean Windows?

There are many other things to take into account when pressure washing windows. The ideal cleaning technique depends on the kind of window, the amount of filth and grime, and the weather. However, pressure washing is considered to be the easiest and quickest method of cleaning.

The pressure of the water you are utilising is one of the most crucial things to take into account. Excessive pressure might cause damage to the window. But you won't be able to clean the window well if you don't apply enough pressure.

What PSI is required for window cleaning in Brisbane? Let us delve deeper –

What do we mean by PSI?

The pressure of water ejecting from your pressure washer is measured in pounds per square inch or PSI. More power is equivalent to a higher PSI, although better cleaning isn't necessarily the result. In fact, using excessive pressure may cause your windows to become etched and damaged, similar to sandblasting.

Deciding on the Ideal Pressure

A safe PSI range for most home windows is 1,000–1,500 PSI. Without endangering the structure, this pressure is sufficient to eliminate filth, grime, and even obstinate cobwebs. You can increase the pressure to 1,700 PSI if your windows are really dirty or discoloured, but proceed with great caution and don't leave the spray concentrated in one area for an extended time.

Here are a few other things to consider when deciding the PSI of high-pressure cleaning in Brisbane

  • Nozzle: The pressure and spray pattern are also influenced by the kind of nozzle you employ. For windows, a 40-degree (white) nozzle works well for most applications, while a 25-degree (red) nozzle works well for more difficult tasks.
  • Distance: To protect the glass and seals, keep the pressure washer wand at least three feet away from the window.
  • Soap: Apply a mild cleanser with a soap base that is made especially for power-cleaning windows. Steer clear of chemicals or abrasive detergents that might scratch the glass.
  • Method: Rinse thoroughly with clean water as you work your way down the window, starting at the top.

Utilising the appropriate PSI and method, pressure washing may be an excellent method for achieving immaculate windows. Just keep in mind to be patient and gentle, and relish the feeling of finishing a task successfully!

Clean N Green Australia
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