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Canada has become a popular destination among chartered accountants and Dentists in India. Canada provides exceptional benefits to its population, including a better working environment, great career opportunities, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, and many other programs. Therefore, several chartered accountants and dentists are planning or wanting to move to Canada. They keep searching for how they will get the Canada PR For Chartered Accountant and Canada PR For Dentist.

So you don’t have to worry because we will help you with this guide, where you can get full insight into how you can get the Canada PR for Chartered Accountant and Canada PR for Dentist.

Chartered Accountant and Dentist in Canada

Chartered accountants and dentists are the most reputable professions in Canada. These professions also play a critical role in shaping and nurturing the country’s economy. Therefore, the Canadian government has initiated various immigration pathways for skilled immigrants who are a certified Chartered Accountant and Dentist. So, the Canadian economy can grow at the fastest pace. 

Canada Immigration Pathways for Chartered Accountants and Dentists.

Canada has one of the simplest and easiest immigration processes in the world, which is the main reason why most people want to get a Canada PR visa. Canada offers various immigration pathways for Chartered Accountants and Dentists, as mentioned below.

Express Entry Program

Express Entry Program is one of the famous immigration programs for skilled and professional immigrants who want to stay, study, or work in Canada. This program aims to invite skilled and experienced professionals to work, stay, or live in Canada as a permanent resident.

This program was designed to fulfill the need for skilled professionals through which the country can grow its economy. So, if you want to immigrate to Canada as a Chartered Accountant or Dentist, you can consider this program.

The Express Entry program includes three major federal economic immigration programs that are given below that you can use to immigrate to Canada as a skilled Chartered Accountant or Dentist. 

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program(FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class(CEC)

Provincial Nominee Program 

The Provincial Nominee Program is ideal for those candidates who have a particular skill set, work experience, educational qualification, etc. to contribute to the economy of a specific region or province of Canada in which they are planning to provide their services as a Chartered Accountant or Dentist. 

Each Province of Canada has unique selection criteria that target a specific group. For example, the province of Canada can only target immigrants who are semi-skilled workers, skilled workers, students, business professionals, Chartered Accountant, Dentist, etc. So, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada as a Chartered Accountant or a Dentist then you should check the NOC list which explains that in which region or province your profession is in high demand.  

Process to apply for the Canada PR for Chartered Accountant and Dentist. 

The process to apply for the Canada PR for CA and Dentist is mentioned below.

SignUp Create an Account on the IRCC website 

You can visit the IRCC website, and fill out the Express Entry Immigration Application form. There you have to provide the necessary information including age, educational qualification,  work experience, language ability, etc.

CRS Score

After submitting your information you will be given a CRS Score based on the CRS  score your eligibility for immigration will be checked. After getting the CRS Score and submitting all the required documents, your profile will automatically get into the express entry job pool through which you can find potential employers.

Apply for PNP

You have applied for the express entry program, now you have to apply for the PNP for which you have to check the NOC list to see if Chartered Accountants and dentists are high in demand or not in the province you want to settle down in. 

 Follow the Same Steps as mentioned above

While applying for the PNP, you will again need to fill up a form similar to the Express Entry program, then again you will be given a CRS score.

Notification of Selection 

If your application is selected through PNP, then you will receive the notification and you will get the invitation to apply. 

Apply for a Canada PR Visa

Once you receive the invitation to apply (ITA), then you are eligible to apply for a Canada PR visa through IRCC within 60 days of receiving the ITA. 

Receive your Visa

You have a 1-year timeframe to move to Canada after you receive the visa.

Best Reasons to Move to Canada as a Chartered Accountant and Dentist. 

If you are planning to move to Chartered Accountants and Dentists, you should consider various reasons that are mentioned below that explain the best reasons to move to Canada.

Simplest Immigration Process

Canada’s immigration process is considered one of the easiest and simplest immigration processes. That is the main reason why people consider Canada to immigrate as a Chartered Accountant and Dentist.

Chance to become a permanent resident of Canada 

Canada offers a chance for immigrants to become permanent residents of Canada.

Beneficiary services for PR

Canada provides various beneficiary services to its permanent residents which include healthcare facilities, education facilities, pension schemes, unemployment allowances, and others.

World-famous educational facilities 

Canada offers world-famous educational facilities to its population. So, if you are planning to immigrate to Canada with your family or kids then it’ll be a great opportunity because you can get a world-famous education.

 Full Canadian Citizenship

If you live there for 3 years then you can get full Canadian citizenship, through which you can get multiple benefits by being a resident of Canada.

Why consider Province Immigration as your immigration consultant?

Now this question must come into your mind why you should consider us? If this question comes to your mind then you should check the reasons mentioned below, which explains why you should consider us as your immigration Consultant.

Transparency During the Process.

We are one of the best immigration Consultants in Delhi who will provide you with every necessary information. We don’t believe in hiding anything from our clients and we provide complete transparency during your immigration process.

Trusted Brand 

We are considered one of the trusted brands in this field as we don’t make false promises and we provide results to our clients.

Accurate Result

We provide accurate results to our clients. Therefore, we have become one of the best Immigration Consultant in Delhi.

High Success Rate 

We have a proven track record of a high success rate. Therefore, most people consider us as their most trustworthy Immigration Consultant in Delhi

IELTS training 

We also provide IELTS training to our clients, through which it won’t be difficult for you to get a required band score and through which you can easily get the Canada PR Visa.

So, if you are planning to move abroad and want to have an immigration Consultant then you can consider Province Immigration as your one-stop solution for all your visa-related queries.

Province Immigration
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