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Sabre Global Distribution System

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Sabre Global Distribution System

What is Sabre Global Distribution System?

Sabre is recognized as the most versatile GDS in travel technology and travel distribution solutions for the tourism sector.

The Sabre distribution channel connects over 440 airlines, 50 train carriers, 37 car rental companies in 40,000 locations, 20 cruise lines, and over a million hotel properties.

It provides a central reservation system that provides real-time access to hotel rates and availability, as well as pricing for flights, railways, and rental car businesses.

Sabre provides a diverse set of travel APIs. The suite of APIs includes hotel booking APIs, flight booking APIscar rental APIscruise APIs, and rail booking APIs.

Integrating Sabre GDS, our customers can access real-time flight fares, room availability, car rental, and other details. When using a GDS-integrated booking engine, travelers get real-time information. It also aids them in making travel plans.


Is adding Sabre API a beneficial idea for your travel business?

Whether you are a travel service provider, travel company, travel agency, or customer, Sabre GDS integration benefits all. Booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals, and vacation packages are convenient now.

Integrating Sabre API into your system provides several benefits to your business. Initially, you get access to a diverse inventory worldwide. You can also give your consumers real-time online booking information. Offering the best deals and various discounts will undoubtedly help you gain more consumers.

Customers can easily book everything they require thanks to the availability of a diverse variety of travel products on a single platform. The booking procedure is easy and takes only a few minutes. Travel operators can boost sales with interactive offers and choose the workflow structure that best suits their needs.

Sabre is the ideal choice for travel organizations since it provides detailed information such as availability, pricing, fare changes, booking confirmation, and so on. That way, you can easily extend your consumer base while maintaining your existing models. The user-friendly design attracts more visitors, significantly increasing your overall revenue.

We are a prominent Sabre API integration partner with over a decade of travel technology experience. We have professionals and experts in all GDS API integration.

Thus, we have API integration with Amadeus, Travelport, Galileo, and Sabre API as well. If you want to expand your business while providing 100% client satisfaction, our Sabre XML API integration is for you.

How does Sabre GDS API Integration play an important role in the travel industry?

Sabre GDS is vital in the travel sector. It connects travel agents with service providers such as airlines, hotels, and vehicle rental companies. Sabre GDS is a search-oriented system that allows customers to explore numerous travel products from distributors worldwide. It displays real-time price comparisons between suppliers and assists the user in making decisions.

Sabre GDS helps top travel companies to operate their operations more efficiently and successfully. Sabre technology is utilized by a wide range of travel industries, from global network airlines to low-cost carriers, from large travel agents to individual hotels, to establish effective business environments and become more lucrative. Sabre apps streamline and increase the value of travel business operations for both travel providers and users, providing them with a decisive competitive edge.

Using Sabre GDS software, travel agencies can build custom hotel and flight booking API that ultimately helps end users. As a result, GDS helps both travel businesses and online travel agencies (OTAs). In this digital age, customers prefer to book their reservations online.

The Sabre Travel network offers an excellent solution for the travel sector. Its exceptional features include flight schedules, price policy, product availability, booking, and ticketing status.

Sabre Global Distribution System includes a plethora of useful information that OTAs can present to clients. Within one platform travel agencies have access to real-time inventory and pricing for airlines, hotels, railroads, touring, car rentals, and more.

Sabre GDS systems can be customized to deliver data in a clear and unbiased manner. Features can be integrated to compare numerous factors like pricing, location, dates, airline seating, and times. Having all of that data in one place, in an easy-to-use interface, will boost brand loyalty and provide you with a competitive edge.

Sabre GDS connects you to global low-cost airlines, high-speed rail suppliers, and multi-source content via a single API, eliminating the clutter of various programming interfaces and saving you time and money.

Travel agencies broaden their online presence and gain more customers by offering various travel content on one platform:

Travel companies can access worldwide suppliers' data by integrating it into their B2B/B2C travel portals. We assist our clients by offering beneficial services to their consumers.

We at Trawex allow travel companies to connect to the Sabre GDS. Companies can obtain real-time pricing updates and special travel offers by integrating the Sabre GDS API into their booking system.

End users are always looking for reliable travel portal solutions. The integrated booking system of Sabre GDS provides users with a reliable, customizable, and user-friendly platform. Sabre has emerged as a successful GDS, transforming the travel industry.

Trawex provides Sabre GDS software and Sabre API/XML integration to travel agents all over the world. With Sabre GDS, the expertise of travel agencies has increased a million times. Sabre GDS, which is suitable for both B2B and B2C business models, assists in obtaining real-time airline and hotel packages.

Most travel agencies prefer Sabre GDS to access online travel inventories such as airlines, hotels, and other value-added services. Over the last 18 years, Sabre GDS has become the largest GDS system and the biggest travel content aggregator worldwide.

What do you get with Sabre API Integration?

Integrating the Sabre API into a travel business's booking system gives them access to a wide range of travel products. Sabre software enables users to plan and book flights, hotels, cars, holidays, and other travel services.

Trawex provides exceptional Sabre GDS integration services that exceed the expectations of numerous clients in the travel sector. With our expertise, we can evaluate the exact need of your business. Our GDS integration solution provides a simple platform for travel agents to handle their reservations.

Sabre GDS system integration to travel agents worldwide helps them serve clients with better flight prices. A single platform allows the client to easily book numerous travel services. Sabre GDS can process millions of transactions per minute.

Sabre GDS API integration directly helps airlines expand their reach to businesses and travelers. Airlines keep their data on the GDS, and travel agencies use it in their booking system.

Integrating GDS gives access to the latest prices from the airlines and helps them serve their clients better. As a result, Sabre GDS integration benefits both travel businesses and airlines.

Trawex is a leading travel technology company known for its reliable project execution and completion. We offer GDS API integration, B2B travel portal development, B2C travel portal development services, etc., for travel businesses.

Trawex is a well-known travel software development company that offers market-leading products. We take great pride in our proficient group of experts, ready to offer assistance whenever you need it. Rest assured that our products are reliable and effective and that they will greatly benefit your travel business. Team up with us to increase your exposure and success in the landscape.

Sabre Reservation System for Flight Bookings:

An advanced flight booking software provided by Sabre that helps travel agencies distribute flight tickets to various selling channels. Sabre flight booking API provides real-time information, that reduces booking time and costs.

Sabre Airline API Integration Solutions is a cost-effective distribution platform that assists airlines in expanding their market reach to leisure and corporate travelers.

The Sabre airline reservation system is the best way for airlines to reach out to customers and sell their products. Sabre GDS software offers a comprehensive tool for flight bookings and business planning.

Sabre Air APIs provide seat and flight schedule availability, low-fare flights, pricing changes, and online ticketing. Sabre Airline API fulfills all requirements, from shopping to flight booking.

With the Sabre airline software, you get access to several essential functionalities such as booking, inventory management, passenger profiling, and PNR generation.

Integrating Sabre GDS into your travel portal offer features like:

·       Flight fare information.

·       Luggage information.

·       Seat availability and selection.

·       Frequent Flier Program.

·       Instant PNR status update.

·       Ticket confirmation.

·       Search option for One Way/Return/Multi-City flight booking.

·       Access to multiple airlines.

·       Advanced search filters.

·       Flight details like Flight Name, number, location, and timings of departure and arrival, number of stops, and onboard duration.


Sabre GDS API Integration for Hotel Bookings:

Sabre Hotel API is one of the popular hotel reservation systems, that can be used efficiently by independent hoteliers, worldwide chain of hotels, and boutique properties. It is a platform that connects independent and chain hotels with global travel agents, business travelers, and global travel customers.

With Sabre Hotel GDS, hoteliers, and OTAs can gain the following significant benefits:

·       It increases their market reach and attracts tourists to book trip packages.

·       Sabre GDS software expands the reach of the travel industry. It allows them to reach a larger audience.

·       With Sabre GDS, a travel business can offer exclusive flights and hotel packages to business travelers.

·       Sabre GDS booking system provides the automated hotel booking software.

·       Real-time hotel room availability and pricing changes.

·       Assign rooms to guests automatically.

·       Centralized database for real-time availability and pricing of hotel rooms.

·       Better hotel marketing exposure Integration with GDS.

·       Integrating Hotel Global distribution can be a useful source for business travelers to book itineraries.

·       Reap the benefits of reaching the untapped segments.

·       Expand your reach to attract business travelers.

·       By implementing GDS effectively, hoteliers and travel management companies can enhance their revenue and sales.

·       Saves time and provides instant access to various properties.

·       Travel businesses can get valuable feedback from guests.

Sabre GDS API Integration for Car Rental Bookings:

Travel agencies can obtain real-time data from car rental companies using Sabre GDS integration for car rentals. Passengers get several car rental options on the travel portal of the company.

With Sabre car rental, GDS travel businesses can enhance their car rental bookings for both global leisure and corporate travelers.

Sabre GDS Software offers benefits like:

·       Agents can search and view a wide range of cars with all the detail.

·       View pricing and book cars.

·       Receive confirmation upon successful booking.

·       Agents can provide cars to travelers with best deals.

·       Agents can view best deals from different car rental suppliers and select the best commission deal.

·       Easy and quicker car booking solution.

·       Faster booking.

·       Access to infinite travel content.

·       Improved results and high revenue generation.

Sabre GDS Software Features:

·       Easily manages information.

·       Access to several distribution channels.

·       Real-time booking option.

·       Sabre GDS provides travel companies with real-time access to travel content.

·       Provide the best ROI.

·       Sabre GDS software provides a one-stop shop for all travel requirements.

·       User-friendly booking process by offering car rental flight and hotel packages in a single tap.

·       Provides assistance to travel enterprises by providing special travel discounts.

·       Sabre GDS integrated travel portal allows you to customize the structure of your website.

·       A visually appealing website where clients can book flights, hotels, and vehicles.

·       Worldwide access to an inventory of airlines, hotels, car rental booking software, and other OTAs.

·       Allow for the addition of additional features to a travel business website.

·       Sabre GDS software expands the market reach of a travel business at a global scale.

·       Helps in crucial decision-making.

What are the benefits of Sabre API integration?

Sabre XML/API integration has become an important part of every online travel agency, providing access to live inventories globally for every facet of travel and tourism, from hotel rooms to flight tickets, excursions, and car rentals.

Sabre GDS is one of the world’s leading travel content aggregators and distributors. Therefore, a travel portal incorporated with it can cater to all kinds of travel needs like hotel reservations, flight reservations, travel packages, booking car rentals, and transfer arrangements.

The advantages of Sabre GDS integration services allow travel agencies to have more access to clients throughout the world, provide travelers with customized travel options, and increase sales, revenue, and brand visibility.

Consider the following advantages of integrating APIs with your travel portal:

·       Sabre APIs offer a huge inventory of flight tickets, hotels, rental cars, excursions, payment gateways, and other services, allowing travelers from all over the world to easily plan their travel.

·       They also enable your online travel agency with target marketing by incorporating large suppliers based on geographical location.

·       As the inventories are managed by the API owner, your travel agency can maintain the system without any issues.

·       Inventories are centrally managed.

·       Agents can book flights, sell tickets, rent cars, and book hotel rooms.

·       Shows real-time availability of seats, rooms, and prices.

·       A simple and up-to-date computer reservation system.

·       Has integrated payment gateways with secure payment options.

·       Promotes low-fare shopping with branded fares.

·       Shopping for low-cost direct flights.

·       Search for flights by city or airport name.

·       Sabre allows you to search for round-trip flights.

·       Filter search results for flight arrival and departure time.

·       Sabre comes with the benefit of viewing flight fares.

·       Ticket verification with a ticket number, tourist name, and also air carrier.

·       Cancellation of air tickets is allowed.

·       A frequent Flyer option can be used.

·       On-time and dedicated customer service facilities.

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