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How to Craft the Finest Marketing Team for Your Business?


The marketing department of a company is the one that masters the codes of the market in which your brand operates. He knows your products and services inside out and is interested in the positioning of your competitors. A complete marketing team is made up of several profiles with various skills: SEO, acquisition, ads, community management, data, etc. Is it more relevant to internalize or outsource these specialists? How to manage and organize a dream team to achieve your goals? In this article, discover all our tips for building the best marketing team for your business.

What is a marketing team?

A marketing team is a group of experts in planning, implementing and managing a company's marketing initiatives. She is responsible for promoting products or services, attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. The marketing team works in close collaboration with other divisions, in particular with the sales department.

Its constitution requires a certain approach. In the best case scenario, you need to recruit profiles with expertise in your field of activity. When your company operates in a niche market, so-called “specialist” profiles are real rare gems. The marketing department aims to be creative, organized and equipped with an analytical mind.

Advanced functions within marketing teams

Businesses often need advanced roles within the marketing team, especially when looking to grow in scale and scope.

These include the following categories:

Demand Generation:

Demand generation staff are responsible for creating and implementing strategies to attract, “nurture,” “hold,” and retain customers. While the performance of other functions in the marketing department is often measured by the number of leads they bring to the company, that of lead generation personnel is restrained by the amount of revenue they happen to generate for the company.

Marketing Operations:

Another advanced area of marketing is marketing operations. Sometimes called marketing ops, this function is responsible for ensuring that the marketing team's technology and processes are operating effectively. She is responsible for the work management software or marketing tools that the team uses on a daily basis to carry out their work.


Automating certain marketing functions can greatly improve the efficiency of the marketing department, exploiting lead opportunities and contributing to their nurturing process to encourage them to purchase a product or service. Marketing automation involves acquiring as much data as possible about a potential customer and tailoring and automating the information and communication sent to them.

What is the role of a marketing department?

The marketing department is the promotional engine of the company. He is responsible for increasing brand awareness while attracting potential and repeat customers to the company's products and services. The marketing team as a service is therefore an essential component of the structure of a company, since it is up to them to attract customers and retain them, to contribute to the growth of the company and the help achieve its financial and organizational objectives.

This is why the digital or revenue marketing department is responsible for many tasks and its structure varies from company to company, depending on the number and scale of these tasks.

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