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The Psychology Behind the Best Branded Corporate Gifts

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The Psychology Behind the Best Branded Corporate Gifts

In the ultra-competitive business world, making a strong impression and building brand recognition are key to success. While flashy advertising and huge marketing budgets may come to mind when seeking to boost a company’s image, one extremely effective yet often overlooked method is the use of promotional corporate gifts. Far more than just trinkets and novelties, studies have shown the immense psychological impact branded freebies can have when it comes to winning new customers and retaining existing ones. Read on to explore the psychology behind this marketing strategy and discover what sets the best branded corporate gifts apart when creating maximum impact. 


The Power of Reciprocation 


Human psychology has wired us to subconsciously feel indebted to someone who gives us something, even if we didn’t ask for the item. When your company hands out branded freebies, the instinctive urge to “repay the favor” springs into action. Recipients want to reciprocate the feeling of appreciation and goodwill through supporting your brand. This could translate into becoming a first-time buyer, promoting products via word of mouth, or developing ongoing loyalty. Without spending a dime, your small gift triggers immense goodwill.


The Rule of Consistency


Additional psychology demonstrates that when people make a commitment, even a very minor one, they tend to honor it to stay consistent with their self-image. This bodes very well for branded giveaways. By accepting and using your item, recipients subtly commit to your brand. Over time, they will continue using your products to maintain consistency with their initial commitment. Even post-it notes with company logos can trigger this powerful effect and develop new brand ambassadors. 


Building Familiarity 


Human nature finds comfort and security in the familiar. An effective way to get your company noticed is by distributing branded items for regular use. Items like pens, notebooks, water bottles, umbrellas, and bags place your logo directly in recipients’ hands and your brand straight into their minds. Familiarity takes hold, and they’ll be more apt to choose your familiar brand over unfamiliar competitors they have little exposure to.


Eliciting Positive Emotions


A great branded gift surprises and delights the recipient. The moment of receiving something unexpected elicits genuine positive emotions that become associated with your brand name and logo. Later, when they spot your brand in a custom swag store or online, those feel-good emotions are recalled and play into their buying choice. Even practical giveaways like phone chargers, sunglasses, and first aid kits make recipients smile thanks to the surprise factor.


Best Practices for Maximum Impact


Now that the immense influence well-chosen custom swag can wield has been established, certain best practices ensure your branded merchandise makes the biggest impression possible:


1.   Choose useful items recipients can benefit from rather than soon-forgotten novelties. Items frequently employed in daily life, such as tech accessories, drinkware, and office supplies, pay constant dividends.


2.   Ensure flawless quality and durable construction to guarantee your gift gets used instead of quickly discarded. Reliable branded products for business inspire confidence in your brand overall.


3.   Feature vibrant logos and branding customers easily identify. You want recipients to picture your brand every time they use your item long after receiving it.


4.   Offer some customization whenever possible. Engraved names, individually selected colors, and other personal touches make recipients feel special and deepen the emotional connection with your brand. 


5.   Follow up with additional branded content like informational pamphlets or special discount codes related to their gift item. Further engagement drives home the branding for maximum memorability. 




The key is ultimately choosing promotional products sure to excite recipients and add value to their everyday lives. By tapping into human psychology with gifts sparking feelings like surprise, appreciation and consistency, companies employing best branded corporate gifts as marketing tools reap game-changing benefits down the road.

Flywheel Brands
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