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The Best Gaming Laptops Under $ 1000 in 2020

Jay Cross
The Best Gaming Laptops Under $ 1000 in 2020

The computer industry has traveled a long way since the days when purchasing a laptop meant something that costs you the glittering stars and moon. Nowadays, if you are a fan of online game playing and are willing to buy a computer, then you can buy it without hurting your budget. Moreover, you can purchase a high performing and quality laptop at an affordable price. These devices have robust and high-end hardware that can keep you busy with hours of online gaming. Before you move to purchase a laptop for playing an online game, it is necessary to gather the right information based on some crucial facts that play a vital role in gaming laptops.

Battery life and screen size

Screen size plays a crucial role when it comes to buying a gaming laptop. You can purchase a gaming laptop with a mid-range screen size of 15 inches. If you are willing to choose a 13 inches screen, it can create trouble when it comes to playing AAA online games with graphics at the highest fidelity. Moreover, extended battery life is also vital to enjoying online gaming on your laptop. You can get the idea by reviewing the battery life of the computer you are planning to purchase.


GPU is the main reason you are spending money on a gaming laptop. Everything is controlled by the GPU in your laptop device, including managing all the games which you play. It transfers images through data processing to your screen along with transmitting signals to your device monitor. So, you can consider 4GB VRAM GPU as the average for your gaming laptop. Similarly, the speed of accessing data in the device is controlled by RAM, and so you can choose 8 to 16 GB RAM for getting higher gaming experience.

You can now choose your gaming laptop after going through the below-given information about various laptops that come under $1000:

Dell G5587

The laptop can be a great choice if you want to enjoy online gaming without interruption with high-performing visuals. It runs on Intel processors Core i7-8750H of 8th generation along with CPU speed of 3.9 GHz. Both combinations are capable of providing incredible performance while playing online games. The laptop packed with impressive and advanced technology, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti, can give you gorgeous images. Moreover, it loads the games more speedily with its 128GD SSD and more massively with 1 TB storage of 5400RPM. It provides a connection to external monitors in an excellent way through its HDMI 2.1 for 4K ports of 60Hz.

The device is equipped with cooling technology based on dual fans plus cooling vents to cool off your device. It has two speakers firing at the front powered by the Waves MaxxAudio technology delivering excellent experience regarding sound when you enjoy online gaming. Also, the laptop is highly durable with its alloy braces of magnesium and ultra-sleek in look

Lenovo Ideapad L340

The laptop offers excellent gaming experience with its full HD screen of 15.6 inches. The HD screen can give you the best angles to view the game and colors. Moreover, the best part of the laptop is its keyboard, which is designed in such a way that you can use the backlight settings of it. The inclusion of Dolby based audio technology is enough to enhance your experience regarding audio when you are enjoying the game. Additionally, it gives approximately eight to nine hours of battery life.

Acer Nitro 5

The gaming laptop’s design includes sleek lines with hard edges along with its 15.6 inches full display of HD ISP. The native resolutions of 1920x 1080 pixels with widescreen LED-backlit is enough to immerse you in stunning visual experience by providing more excellent brightness in images. The laptop gives 8GB DDR4 memory, ensuring fast loads even when you have left multiple tabs open at a time. The use of 7th generation Intel processors core i5 provides quick and smooth gaming experience. The laptop comes with Acer technology for a cooling boost for speeding the fans and cooling your device.

Lenovo Ideapad 3

The laptop with 14 inches screen comes with two IPS panels of 1080 intended for improving the visuals. It has 60Hz and 120 Hz screen displays, delivering brightness to incredible levels so you can enjoy your online gaming without any issues. It is a lightweight and portable device making it easy for you to enjoy the game even while traveling or commuting. Its webcam comes with a physical shutter giving you the essential privacy. Packed with Vega 8 graphics of AMD Radeon, the device helps you focus on the crucial aspects by giving you the details of the high level. Besides, it features processors of the newer generation along with featuring 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD guaranteeing you a magical and smooth online gaming session.


The gaming laptop launched by Micro-Star International, MSI GF65, comes with enhanced graphics cards, further improving your online gaming experience. The key specifications that can compel you to buy the GF65 involve an excellent GPU coming with a graphics adapter of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 that provides extraordinary processing power for graphics. Compared to the GPU model used previously, this GPU is capable of delivering a massive manipulation of memory accelerating the creation of images. When you are planning to pick a perfect gaming laptop, then you can’t ignore its memory. GF65 comes with an 8GB RAM of memory capacity to enhance your online gaming experience. Some other crucial specifications of the laptop include 15.6 inches display, an AMD Ryzen processor, and 24 hours of battery life.


The laptop comes with a screen size of 15.6 inches guaranteeing full HD 1080 resolution. It has the response time of 3ms and 120Hz refresh rate. These features, coupled with a sleek design, the right amount of processing power, and high memory, make the laptop exceptional for your gaming experience. Moreover, the ninth generation’s Intel processors used in the G531GT is setting it miles ahead of its rivals. The processor is adequate to give your lag-free online gaming experience. The laptop provides a memory of 16GB along with the storage of 1TB SSD, making it an outstanding notebook under $1000 for online gaming. However, the battery life is not impressive, but it is somewhat decent for playing online games on the laptop.

Dell Inspiron 7573

The gaming laptop is not only excellent regarding sound versatility but also provides clear images very much essential for online gaming. Powered by the MaxxAudio technology, the gaming laptop produces sound with the right tone and highs. Besides, the use of Intel processor Core i7-8550U is enough to provide you highly responsive gaming performance without any interruption. You can also enhance your gaming experience and accelerate your performance while playing the most demanding online games with UHD 620 graphics. It comes with a screen display of 1920×1080 to make the gaming images appear vibrant with more color ranges and prominent details.

Highly portable with its sleek design, the laptop weighing only 4.98 pounds can be bent at a 360-degree angle. Apart from these striking features, it also features a backlit keyboard making it possible for you to enjoy your online game even when the light is dim. Additionally, it gives 8 hours of battery life and powered by SmartByte technology; the laptop offers the enhanced streaming of online games with the right bandwidth.


Powered by the 8th generation Intel processor Core i5, the gaming laptop is ideal for online gaming when playing at low settings. If you want to use the computer solely for playing online gaming, its GPU is enough to provide you with a decent online gaming experience when setting on the low or medium range. However, its storage is not so excellent, but it comes with expandable SSHD, which can be upgraded up to 1TB. It has a sharp display and backlit keyboards allowing you to enjoy playing the online game even in dim lights. Moreover, it has dual fans providing enough cooling to your device when heated after hours of gaming. Some other specifications of the gaming laptop involve 4 hours of battery life and 8GB of memory.


If you are looking for a sleek design and robust performance laptop, then MSI GF63 is the best choice for you. Combined with ultra-slim and stylish outlook, the computer is well-designed for the online game players’ needs. The sturdy metal made chassis, and the blend of metal and plastic at its bottom surface is enough to make it more durable. It comes with a full-screen display of 15.6 inches in a frame of 14 inches along with a webcam with a 720p at its top. The presentation of 1080p is enough to deliver vibrant and bright images guaranteeing you an impressive and uninterrupted online gaming experience and that too full of multiple colors.

The refresh rate of 60Hz and in-built IPS technology allows you to enjoy even modern online games like Warhammer-Vermintide 2. Stuffed with a comfortable keyboard, the device has excellent reviews regarding its sturdy build-up and less noise while using the keys. The gaming laptop is packed with graphics cards of Nvidia GTX, delivering sharp and striking images. Powered by the Intel processor Core i5, the gaming device is well designed to provide exceptional gameplay. Moreover, with its 16GB RAM, you can run various applications and run multiple browsing tabs simultaneously. Besides, the storage capacity of 1TB SSD is adequate to speed up data transfer and boot up.

2019 HP OMEN

With its chassis made up of black metal and divided into four sections, the highly durable laptop comes with a bright screen size of 15.6 inches. The display is capable enough to deliver warm and vibrant images along with handling even darker shades efficiently. The laptop comes with a red-backlit keyboard with well-spaced, and big keys and a number pad gives you the refreshing experience of online gaming. Packed with two speakers mounted at its bottom, the laptop loud and vibrant sound required when you are playing your favorite game.

Moreover, it is equipped with essential ports for your gaming and streaming needs. The device is quite powerful featuring three USB ports, and HDMI ports, a port of Type-C, combo jack, and a jack for headphones. It is powered by an Intel 9th generation processor and memory of 12GB RAM along with 128GB SSD storage. Packed with NVIDIA GeForce’s graphics cards, the laptop delivers accurate and vibrant colors with a webcam of 720p. Additionally, it has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 support for better connectivity.

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