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Aluminium Roller Shutters: A Smart Investment for Your Commercial and Industrial Property

Tony Skinner
Aluminium Roller Shutters: A Smart Investment for Your Commercial and Industrial Property

Introduction to Aluminium Roller Shutters for Commercial and Industrial properties

A roller shutter door is a popular option for both commercial and industrial purposes. It is made up of steel or aluminium horizontal slats that are rolled around a barrel to open or close the door. The slats can be operated by a spring, chain mechanism, electric motor, or a combination of these.


Customization and Operation


To keep the curtain in place, there are guides on either side. These doors are customized to suit their intended use and have the advantage of vertical operation and a compact design when fully opened. The space occupied by the curtain above the door depends on its height and type of slat used, usually ranging from 200-500mm. In modern times, most roller doors are equipped with an electric motor as it is cost-effective compared to manual operation for various types of doors.


Industrial and Commercial Applications


Industrial and Commercial roller doors typically require a heavy-duty 3 phase electric motor and a robust structure for the endplates and side guides to withstand frequent use and accommodate larger curtain sizes. For roller doors that will be used more than 15-20 times daily, or are particularly wide or heavy, it is advisable to opt for a 3 phase industrial motor drive and overall industrial build quality.


Versatility and Durability of Aluminium Roller Shutters


Our Industrial and Commercial Aluminium roller shutters, are a versatile choice for various commercial settings. Whether it's a bottle shop, boatshed, shopping centre, arcade, canteen, shopfront, club or architecturally designed home, these lightweight and quiet shutters offer excellent protection while adding a touch of style. In addition to their durability and customisable design, they provide protection against extreme weather conditions and potential intruders.


Advantages of Aluminium


Aluminium has a trifecta of desirable qualities: lightweight, strong, and long-lasting. Not only does it ensure quiet operation and effective insulation, but it also guarantees reliable performance and lasting durability. What's more, aluminium is highly resistant to rust and weather elements. Its high-quality surface appearance will remain intact for many years to come.


Privacy, Light Control, and Noise Reduction


These shutters also offer privacy and can screen out excess light and noise. They are an all-encompassing solution for any type of entryway, including carparks and garages. For architecturally designed homes looking for both coverage and aesthetic appeal, these aluminium roller shutters are the perfect fit.


Expanding Applications


These days, Industrial Roller Shutters are no longer limited to just 'industrial type' structures. In fact, there has been a growing demand from both homeowners and business owners in the past few decades. After all, who wants to be limited to constructing a building specifically for industrial purposes?


Enhanced Security and Energy Efficiency


Industrial roller shutters offer numerous advantages, including enhanced protection. These doors serve as a strong barrier when closed, making them particularly appealing to businesses seeking to prevent crime or safeguard their premises against vandalism. Additionally, automatic locking systems can be incorporated for added protection. One of the advantages is their tidier appearance compared to regular doors. This is due to the absence of gaps between the slats when closed, giving businesses a polished look and making a positive initial impact.


Versatility in Commercial Environments


Like many individuals, you may associate Commercial Aluminium Roller Shutter Doors solely with factories and warehouses. However, these versatile doors have gained popularity in various settings such as shopping centres, schools, and even hospitals. Whether for managing stock levels and deliveries or ensuring employee and customer safety, they offer a cost-effective and secure solution for warehouse logistics.


Streamlining Operations


Roller shutters are versatile solutions for organising and streamlining warehouse operations. They can effectively separate different types of stock or activities, ensuring a more efficient workflow. Moreover, they can divide the workspace into temperature zones, preventing cross-contamination by keeping warm and cool items in designated areas.


Quality Craftsmanship and Wind Protection


With its high resistance to twisting and minimal expansion in hot environments, aluminium is ideal for precise processing. When combined with the expertise of in our own factory here in Sydney, the end result is top-quality roller shutters that are both well-crafted and reliable, making them a valuable addition to any space. When installing a roller shutter, remember the benefits of incorporating a windlocking mechanism to provide extra protection when closed. Harsh storms can cause even sturdy materials to be swept away by strong winds. In areas prone to extreme weather, using a windlock is an effective measure to ensure shutters remain securely closed.




In addition to their wide range of sizes, aluminium roller shutters can be tailored to suit various openings. As a result, they are suitable for use in a multitude of commercial and industrial environments, ranging from small retail stores to expansive warehouses.

Tony Skinner
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