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social media applications,websites,blog by We connect with people, chat and read content, we connect with people through video calls etc. At any time, to join any social platform, we have to first read the signup form or signup form to access the content. Have to fill.Some commonly used platforms/apps instagram,facebook,whatsapp,snapchat,twitter many others.

The use of social platforms can determine whether the youth of today are good or bad.

The impact of social platforms on today’s generations is visible in both positive and negative ways.

Use of Social platforms

We use social media Give information and learn new skills, online transactions, online communication, Online classes and grow your career many more.By using social platforms, you can get the latest news going on in the world and can also be aware of news related to politics. Youth and students can build themselves,can build their skills and can do online earning, online business with the help of social platforms with us and can also grow their career.You can become self-improvement from social media, you can learn coding (Java language & python language,you can teach any subject or you can create your own blog channel etc.

Many things can be learned and through social platforms or even passive income can be generated.

Negative Impact on Youth 

Social Platforms : Many people also misuse social platforms Like keeping on using the phone all night which spoils their sleep cycle and also brings changes in their behavior and mood or keep scrolling which gives them maximum time to waste watching reels.

With this mental health and physical health also affects.

Mental health : when social media of misuse if you don't use then your mental health also Good and no stress problem, no depression , social anxiety and more health problem too doesn't happen like sleep cycle issues, eye weakness, self esteem lack, mood disorder, loneliness, Cyberbullying and many More issues but today’s generation spends more than half of time on the phone , even family relations worse due to mood disorder, Youth with this face stressful life, negative self-esteem, become a victim of distractions & addictions, self-diagnosis etc.  

Mobile/Phones : Social platforms on Very bad impact on babies, teenagers and youth.

Due to excessive phone usage, there is no physical or mental development and one has to face self esteem, anxiety, not good communication, lack of self confidence,weak emotions etc.

become weak and mentally they are not able to grow properly and lack physical health.

Youth are given phones at an early age,due to which their chances of going into depression and anxiety increase and they feel loneliness with us. Excessive use of phones has also affected the physical health of youth. 

Those who spend more time on social media platforms do not get time for their health, study, relationships, they become victims of cyberbullying due to excessive use of social platform which can lead to depression or suicide.

Positive Impact on Youth  

Connectivity, Communication : 

Connectivity is very important to connect with anyone at any time, with the help of social platforms any information can be delivered to the people.

It becomes easier to talk to people because of social platforms.

Connectivity & Communication share and exchange information with friends, Good relations are made, share you-r interest or develop your hobby and earn money online through social media platforms.

Learning, Education : 

Knowledge is the best tool for growing yourself and social media helps to develop your skills and creativity. Maximum students learn and explore new skills on social platforms like youtube. Learn any type of skill like Coding, art, Music instrument, self development, Cooking etc Social media also helps learners to learn new skills.

Entertainment : 

Entertainment reduces Stress, Anxiety and entertainment improves mood.

Manymore, entertainment plays a very important role in our life.

Entertainment improves Friends Relations, positive mental health, Develop self-esteem, Promotes creativity.

Mental health :

when social media if you do it right use then your mental health also Good and happiness, Confidence , Stressless life and more health to do happen like best sleep cycle , healthy physical health, good self esteem , happy mood etc Our mental and physical health good remains.

Awareness, Updates :

With the help of social media or social platforms, people became very aware.

Work is done on social platforms in the same way as a channel works to provide information on social platforms. Social platforms keep giving news and updates going on around the world due to which people remain aware of everything going on around the world.


By using social media correctly, we can increase our knowledge, change our lifestyle, and start our online business.

By using social platforms, you can learn by yourself and also teach others.With this, you can connect with people online through online platforms, you can also be aware of what is happening around the world, you can also do self-improvement through social platforms and you can also keep your mental health fit.

You can also find out the changes and updates happening all over the world With the help of social platforms.

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