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How to Fix Computer Not Turning On (Easy Fixes)

John Track
How to Fix Computer Not Turning On (Easy Fixes)

It can put your mood in the wrong place if you press the power button on your device and it doesn’t turn on. There can be many reasons behind it, but the usual symptom of “Nothing is working” is tiny to proceed. So you have to divide the whole procedure into two following simple steps:

Source- https://canorton.uk.net/how-to-fix-computer-not-turning-on-easy-fixes/

  • Try to know about the problem by observing the symptoms and your situation.
  • Based on the possibilities, select the optimum troubleshooting technique.

Note: Mentioned troubleshooting techniques can be applied to any Windows

Files are Safe (Most Probably)

General fear that catches the users is regarding the loss of your data in these conditions. Generally, it happens because of some hardware problems, and in these conditions, the hard drive and its data are safe (until the problematic hardware is hard drive).

Tips, in this case, you should not try to be a hero until you know everything. So, come in contact with the customer service or contact the professional repairing person (who can tell you the exact way to fix the problem the cost).

No Signal of Power Consumption

If your device is not showing any power consumption signals (generally the power led light), then you can use these steps as the troubleshooting of the problem.

  • Try again to turn on the Device with slightly more pressure on the power button.
  • Check the connection of power cables, and then the wires and adaptor.
  • Make sure the power supplying point is working. You can use the Lamp test for that.
  • Make sure that the battery is not completely drained, connect laptops and pads to the direct power supply and try to turn it on.
  • Please remove the battery and re-attach it.

Power on for a while and turn off after some time

When you turn on the device, it turns on for a blink of a moment, then turns off. In this condition, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Make sure that the voltage of the power supply is sufficient.
  • Your device is cool because it can happen because of overheating too.
  • You also can check for any electrical short on the device.
  • If there is a beep sound, then try to hear how many are there. If there is only one beep, then there is not too much trouble.

Power is on but No Activity in Computer

 When you turn on the computer, it turns on, but there is no display on the Screen. Then you can follow these steps:

  • Make sure that your monitor works properly.
  • Make sure the voltage of the current is sufficient for the computer.
  • Restart again, to make sure it’s not a glitch.
  • Try to clear the memory of BIOS to form the motherboard, which will lead the setting to default mode, because it can be the cause of the problem regarding the display.

Computer Reboots Continuously

  • When you press, the power button pc usually starts but keeps repeating the booting process in a repeated manner. Then you can try these steps:
  • Try to resolve the BIOS error message. These messages can be particular, mentioning the precise trouble code. Try to troubleshoot that issue, and if it doesn’t work, then worry not you are going back automatically.
  • If your PC is restarting from the point of where it has bootable data, then remove every USB optical drive or storage device.
  • Erase the CMOS, from which BIOS setting will reach the default level, and all misconfiguration will be eliminated.

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