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How the Silent Hill Nurses Have Evolved and Where They Can Go Next

Jack Arona
How the Silent Hill Nurses Have Evolved and Where They Can Go Next

Silent Hill is one of those horror games that have the potential to stay evergreen and are doing a pretty good job till now. In the multiple additions of the franchise the game has not been felt repetitive and is one of the big names in the genre of survival horror. Silent Hill is filled with monsters that represent the deepest fears, regrets, and traumas of those who are unfortunate enough to be trapped inside. These monsters have not only terrified every player out there but have also kept the thrill alive in the games even after so many years. One of these famous monsters is the one that has presented themselves to the most protagonists is the Nurse.

SOURCE:-How the Silent Hill Nurses Have Evolved and Where They Can Go Next

One of the major reasons why this monster remained relevant in all the games is because everyone at some point in time has gone to a hospital, and a monster nurse hits the right spot in horror fans. The Nurses of Silent Hill have appeared since the very first game on the original PlayStation. Because of the constantly changing protagonists and the different themes of each Silent Hill, their appearances are different in most Silent Hill titles.  Players should note that there will be spoilers for the majority of Silent Hill games below due to plot elements being related to the symbolism behind these Nurses.

Silent Hill – Puppet Nurse

In the first game of the franchise, the nurses that stack the player are not the ones that players associate them to later in the series. The nurses in this game appear to have the same get-up as normal human nurses, but they have a huge parasitic growth on their back. The variety in the nurses comes in the form of different colored uniforms or different colored hair. And this is the only enemy in the series to have a male counterpart; they are the doctors with similar physical features, are stronger but slower than the nurses. These nurses can be effective and dangerous in groups as they can gang up on the player.

Unlike all the other monsters in the game, the nurses do not stem from the memories and horrors of the protagonist but are rather based on the traumas and memories of Alessa. Alessa Gillespie is a girl who was tortured by a cult known as the Order in Silent Hill so that she would give birth to their god.

Silent Hill 2 – Bubble Head Nurse

The most famous nurses in the series by far as these are the ones from where inspirations for the nurses of the next games were taken from. These nurses are aptly named as they seemed to have their heads wrapped in a wet vinyl that completely covers their faces. The bottom of their vinyl masks has the shape of the face of a baby. Making them feel further unnatural is that they keep twitching as they walk around.

The Bubble Head Nurses have many meanings to them involving Silent Hill 2’s protagonist, James Sunderland. The obvious explanation being the protagonist suffocating his wife in the hospital bed with the piece of plastic, but there is also another explanation that says that as James was sexually frustrated, and his wife was incapable, he abused the nurses for his desires. These nurses didn’t mean anything to him and were just objects, hence the covered faces and the exposed bodies.

Silent Hill 3 – Nurse

Simply called Nurse, these are the nurses in the series that bears the closest resemblance to human nurses, At first glance; these nurses can be seen with the same black colored bob haircut and purple eyeshadow and purple lipstick. Their eyes are always shut and have a red stain around their mouths that is similar to the red squares of the Bubble Head Nurses. Generally, these nurses carry around iron pipes, but they can wield revolvers too. And if the player gets too close, they also have the ability to pistol-whip.

Due to Heather being a reincarnation of Alessa, these nurses represent Alessa’s memories in the hospital once more. However, their dark hair may serve as a reminder to Heather of what her original hair color was. The sexualization of the nurses could possibly represent Alessa’s fears of becoming pregnant with the Order’s god.

Silent Hill: Origins – Faceless Nurse

The next edition, Silent Hill 4: The Room, didn’t have nurses of any kind, and therefore the next addition to the nurses came when Silent Hill: Origins came out. This Nurse shared a similar look with the Bubble Head Nurse as this one didn’t have a proper face either; they have a surgical mask, melted into the face. They were also seen with stockings with garter belts and high heels. The weapons of the Faceless Nurses are similar to that of the Puppet Nurses with their only weapons being scalpels and syringes. And they twitch a lot more too.

The possible connection to Travis Grady, the protagonist, is that he might have been a serial killer and the faceless nurses were his victims, as their faces never mattered to him. The twitching of the Faceless Nurses could be representative of Travis’s victims shaking in fear before dying. Even their names could be referencing that Travis saw the victims as faceless.

Silent Hill: Homecoming – Demon Nurse

Using the inputs from a lot of its previous counterparts, the Demon Nurses have deformed and fleshy faces with sexual nurse uniforms made out of flesh. They additionally wear high heels and can be seen growing a foetus inside them when lit up by any light source that isn’t a flashlight. They are sensitive to light but can be avoided if the player turns off his flashlights. These monsters are extremely fast and can catch the player well off-guard and deliver quick slashes with knives. The roots of these nurses can possibly be drawn back to the protagonist and his desires. Due to Alex Shepherd being institutionalized within a mental hospital for four years, he was stuck with only his sexual fantasies while also being surrounded by nurses.  These Nurses likely represent a dark and twisted version of his fantasy with them being only faceless and sexual beings. Demon Nurses are additionally the only Nurses in Silent Hill to have jiggle physics.

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