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How Coronavirus May Change College Admissions

Alice Connar
How Coronavirus May Change College Admissions

The Corona Virus pandemic has brought a lot of businesses to a standstill. Schools have also been affected as there is no providence for a physical location. School admission has been hindered as a measure to curb the spread of the Corona Virus. This has greatly affected the students as well as the administration in many ways. Ace My Paper will chime in on what to expect during the pandemic:

  1. Extensive timelines

Most colleges usually achieve their numerical enrolment goals by May 1st. However, due to the unprecedented turn of events, they may be forced to extend their timelines. Colleges are now forced to be laxer to accommodate all students. This will allow students more time to peruse through their facilities and make a decision on which campus they find fit.

Most colleges have extended their deadlines to June 1st. However, these colleges are not known to fill their classes by May 1st hence the extension. If you would like to have more time to choose the most appropriate school, you might need to make an appeal. You can easily write to the college whose deadline is on May 1st to allow you more time to evaluate the facility.

  1. Increased opportunities

Ivy League schools are usually very selective when it comes to admission. This has been the case in the past and currently as well. The colleges are less than 4% of all the public and non-profit private institutions in the US. These colleges are just as hard to get admitted to as in the past. This is because they cater to international students as well. The waitlist from the past years will be considered more.

Colleges that admit the majority of the students who apply are easier to gain admission. Due to coronavirus, many students may want to cut down on costs. They will opt for colleges that are closer and more affordable.

  1. Bursary increment

Due to the pandemic, college admissions will decline. The number of students applying for admission may not be as high as it used to be in the past. This will translate to colleges using incentives to lure students.

With increased demand, colleges will increase their scholarships offers to compete with each other. This will provide students with the needed incentive to apply for admission.

  1. Increased Financial Aid

Given the current status of the economy, families might find it challenging to sustain their own needs as well as take their children to school. This will prompt the colleges to offer aid to different families. There will be an assessment of each family’s income stream and expenditure for the past two years. From this data, the colleges will be able to determine which family needs their aid most. The financial aid office will be very effective if one goes pre-deposit.

  1. Increased virtual visits

Institutions have closed all their physical address due to the pandemic. Hence, students cannot conduct routine visits to the college. However, a student can still familiarise themselves through the online platforms provided.

Orientation is all about the lecturers, students, and the lessons; buildings are not much of a concern. Therefore, you can easily join a virtual visit and participate in the Q&A sessions. The network platforms will also help you connect with the relevant authorities in your major or department.


During the pandemic, one may find it challenging to pick a suitable college. You must discuss it openly with your parents, who may give you great insight. The pandemic may not last long, hence do not feel the pressure to forfeit your college choice.

Alice Connar
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