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How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Naturally | That Windows Smile

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How To Get Rid Of Facial Hair Naturally | That Windows Smile

Even though the issue of facial hair is rarely serious, it is tough for most of us to go out with overgrown facial and body hair. One of the main reasons for overgrown facial hair is hormonal changes. It might be hereditary, as well.

While managing body hair is still manageable (you can simply shave it off), you can’t shave your facial hair. Your facial skin is delicate and you would prefer not to end up with bothersome razor bumps all over. We have made a list of the most effective DIY home remedies to get rid of facial hair.

Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair Permanently.

Besan and malai 

This is by far one of the most well-known and effective home remedies to remove facial hair permanently. In addition to the fact that it is painless, using it regularly will inhibit further facial hair growth too.

Ingredients you will need:

– 1 tbsp besan(chickpea flour)

– ¼ tsp turmeric

– 1 tbsp malai

– ½ tbsp milk

Direction to use:

– Start by cleansing your skin well.

– Mix all the ingredients in a container to make a smooth paste.

– Apply this paste on areas from where you want to remove hairs. The paste should be applied in the direction of hair growth.

– Let this paste applied on your skin until it is semi-dry.

– Once it is semi-dry, start scrubbing this paste off your skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This process will pull off the facial hair.

– Wipe your face with a wet cloth

– Repeat this process once in a week to get rid of all hair.


Wheat flour and Mulethi powder (Licorice):

Ingredients you will need:

– 2 tpsp wheat flour

– 1 tpsp mulethi powder (Licorice)

– Rosewater 

Direction to use:

– Clean up your face with normal water

– Make a paste of wheat flour and mulethi with the help of rose water.

– Take a brush or you can use your finger, apply the paste on the hairy part of your face in the direction of hair growth

– Let it dry for 20 minutes

– After 20 minutes, wet your hand and start rubbing your face softly, the hair will come off when rubbed.

– Wash off your face with cold water and pat dry.

– Redo this process once in a weak.

Mulethi powder (Licorice)

Orange Peel and Oatmeal:

Orange peel works as a natural bleach and will make your facial hair less visible on your face. On the other hand, oats exfoliate the skin and remove excess hair.

Ingredients you will need:

– 1 tbsp orange peel powder

– 1 tbsp oatmeal powder

Direction to use:

– Mix both well with the use of water and make a fine paste

– Apply this paste on the area where you want to uproot the hair

– Leave the paste to dry on your face for 20 minutes

– Wash off your face with normal water and pat dry

– Repeat this process twice a week for 2 months


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