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7 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Abigail Smith
7 Costly Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Are you investing a lot on Facebook ads and returns are not quite good? Maybe you are making some ad mistakes that are eating away your marketing budget. The following are 7 Facebook ad mistakes that can cost you a lot and how to avoid them.

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1. Testing Multiple Interests in a Single Facebook Ad Set

It might happen to you that your Facebook ad performed really well in the initial days only to stop working soon. This happens when you bundle a lot of information into one process. In order to make a good strategy, marketers create a list of interests to target. Then they prepare an ad set and put all those interests in one set. This way it will be difficult to know which specific interest attracted more audiences and you won’t be able to find similar interests. This will make your ad worthless. You would rather want to create a list of interests and categorize them. Then create numerous ad sets and dedicate each ad set to one interest category. Now you’ll know which one is attracting more audience, which one is the best and which one you should work on.

2. Running Too Many Facebook Ads With Too Little Budget

Creating too many ad sets, too many ad campaigns and too many ads can be very confusing and difficult to manage and keep a track on. For convenience, combine audiences into ad sets with bigger budgets. This way you can feed Facebook more data, achieve the desired CPA faster, and scale up quickly.

Furthermore, assemble the 1% lookalike of all buyers 365 audiences and the lookalike of people who landed on your sales page in the last 30 days into one ad set in one combined audience. Similarly, put all your digital marketing people, small business owners, and Facebook page Admin audiences into one assembled ad set. After consolidating your best audiences into just 2–3 ad sets, put your best 3–6 ads in each ad set. To fully leverage the algorithm, Facebook needs at least 50–100 conversions per ad set per week, so it’s important to have a sufficient budget for the Facebook delivery system to power your ads.

3. Focusing on Cost per Lead Over Earnings per Lead

People usually focus on cost per lead rather than earnings per lead. Cost per lead is a fixed number it is subjective to earnings per lead. Earnings per lead is the income from every person who comes across your sale. Suppose an ad is providing multiple $100 sales at a $4 cost per lead, people may want to shut off the efficient ad for an ad that isn’t as productive just to reach a $2 cost per lead. If your earnings per lead is $100 and your cost per lead is $4, that’s a pretty great return on your money.

4. Selecting the Wrong Facebook Campaign Objective

People create an ad to push the disinterested audience towards a sales page hoping they’ll buy it. However, it’s a golden rule that you must give before you ask. You need to provide something of value to the audience in order to build a relationship with that you can nurture in the future. In this way, when the audience will be ready to buy, they’ll do it from you. Hence, rather than going for engagements, lead ads, and clicks, go for conversions and optimizing for leads.

5. Running Facebook Ads With Zero Follow-up Management

Many people create Facebook ads and then forget about it hoping it will perform on its own. It will only decrease its efficiency due to Facebook ad fatigue. In order to gain sustainable results, you need to analyze your ads on a regular basis, study your results on ad spend, frequency, and CPM metrics. And finally, make the necessary changes.

6. Creating New Facebook Ads Rather Than Managing Successful Ads

People on Facebook now create more and more new ad campaigns to get more sales. However, Facebook’s optimization algorithm needs at least 50 conversions per ad set per week to function. So you’re just blowing your audience and not allowing the system to optimize if you have a dozen ad sets or campaigns with just a few conversions. Hence, rather than breeding more campaigns, put more money into your proven winners.

7. Creating Facebook Ads Without Understanding Overall Campaign Settings

One of the common mistakes of Facebook ads is that people post ads and boost posts without having the proper knowledge of its functioning. Some might opt for Automatic Placement which will spread their ad but won’t attract an audience. Others who want Conversions will optimize for lead generation or select Brand Awareness when they would want traffic. Facebook ads are quite complex and successful ads are just results of right testing and correct ad set up. So it’s better to invest money in learning the process rather than wasting money and assuming that Facebook ads don’t work.

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Abigail Smith
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