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Top 10 Episodes of Sailor Moon Ranked

Abigail Smith
Top 10 Episodes of Sailor Moon Ranked
Anime culture has grown a lot, especially outside its home, Japan. There have been very few anime TV series that have made it big out of Japan. Sailor Moon has made an impact in the US with other popular series like Pokemon and Dragon Ball. Sailor Moon was one of the first anime series to be popular in the states and many feel that the series, although very far from reality, has resonated with many young audiences. This is why millennials are fond of the anime series much more than any other generation. The series also fit perfectly with its light-hearted approach and a much friendly animation style that stayed away from gore-like visuals.
Serena, a teenage girl who is destined to become Sailor Moon finds herself in the journey of meeting with her Scouts and defending the Earth through their magical powers. Fighting monsters is coupled with high-school drama and romance in this series. The series is also known for its cult-like following among its audiences. To relive the series again, here are some of the best episodes in Sailor Moon.
10. Season 2 Episode 38: Birth of Wicked Lady
Wicked Lady’s debut into the series is marked as one of the most pivotal times in the series. The future daughter of Sailor Moon is persuaded by Wiseman and gives rise to the Wicked Lady. Her vulnerability leaves her weak as she thinks her parents don’t love her. This makes for an awesome recipe for a villain that is one of the fan-favorites.
9. Season 2 Episode 41: Final Battle
The final episode where Sailor Moon faces off with Queen Beryl has to make it into the list. Sailor Moon reaches the pinnacle of her powers by transforming into Moon Princess. Wiseman’s plans come to an end by Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon, who is Sailor Moon’s future daughter, as they close the dark gate with help from Sailor Scouts.
8. Season 2 Episode 5: Cherry Blossom Time
Filler episodes are common among anime series where the storyline deviates temporarily and takes a break from the main plot. For Sailor Moon, it was an entire arch of fighting against aliens that protected a tree, The Cardigans attacking her, and Queen Serenity triggering Sailor Moon’s crystals to level up.
7. Season 1 Episode 8: Nightmare in Dreamland
This episode marked a shift into the series with the viewers finally getting used to the series. One of the highlights of this episode is the constant fighting between Serena and Raye. The power struggle is evident in the way these two fight. Sailor Moon’s power of love is under constant scrutiny by Sailor Mars who thinks her speedy attacks are far superior. The fights only get tense as the series progresses.
6. Season 1 Episode 29: Sailor V Makes the Scene
Sailor Venus has one of the best debuts in the series. While Sailor Scouts are misled by a fake Sailor Moon which turned out to be one of their enemies. In trying to rescue the fake Sailor Moon, Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Masks are trapped by the enemies. Sailor V thus makes her debut by rescuing every single one of them while proving her powers by single-handedly defeating enemies.
5. Season 1 Episode 39: The Past Returns
In this episode, we finally get to see the Moon kingdom in its glory days before its collapse. Malachite reveals that he was present during the fall of the Moon kingdom and the fact that Queen Serenity tried to save her enemies during the fall. Sailor Moon fails to believe the story but Malachite proves it to her. Sailor Moon then joins hands with Prince Endymion to defeat Malachite who is Queen Beryl’s general.
4. Season 1 Episode 40: Day of Destiny
The episode before the finale of the series was a long-awaited battle between Queen Beryl and the Sailor Scouts. The viewers are left in awe when the Sailor Scouts are killed during the battle against Queen Beryl’s minions. Sailor Moon is left to fight alone against Queen Beryl and Darien who is influenced by her. Selena finally transforms into Moon Princess to gain powers that would eventually defeat Queen Beryl in the final episode
3. Season 2 Episode 13: Treed
This episode becomes the end of an arch as The Cardigans, Alan, and Ann, and the Doom Tree leave the series. Sailor Moon heals the Tree of Life which reveals the reasoning of the two aliens attacking humans. During a fight with tree branches, Sailor Moon revives the Tree of Life with the power of love. Moonlight Knight is also revealed as a part of Tuxedo Mask who aims at saving Sailor Moon.
2. Season 1 Episode 20: A Friend in Wolf’s Clothing
Nephlite, who is a general for Queen Beryl, falls in love with Molly. Nephlite approaches Molly to find the identity of Sailor Moon and while he expects her to know about it, Molly is clueless. However, Molly is a friend of Selena which makes her alert that someone from the enemy’s side had approached Molly. Eventually, Nephlite comes to know about Selena when she is forced to transform into Sailor Moon to save him from her former allies. Nephlite, however, doesn’t reveal her identity to Queen Beryl.
1. Season 1 Episode 30: A Crystal Clear Destiny
Revealing each other’s identities, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask finally unveil their real self. Both of them are one of the best couples in the series. Apart from this, Darien is lured by Queen Beryl for the crystals. Serena gets a hint due to Darien’s unusual behavior and both of them are attacked and while stuck in an elevator, both of them are forced to reveal their identities to escape. We also get to know that Serena is the Moon Princess as Darien’s crystals are transformed by her tears. The episode is nothing short of exciting which is why it makes it the best episode in the series.
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