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Nidhi company

Nidhi company is a registered company under the companies act, 2013 which has the only objective of inculcating the habit of saving amongst its members. Nidhi company registration in Pune can require a deposit from its members and lend it to its members only. therefore, the funds contributed to the corporate are only from its members and used only by the members (shareholders) of a Nidhi company.

Nidhi company, it comes in the category of NBFC and RBI  empowered to point out directions, in matters concerning their deposit acceptance activities. However, in recognition of the very fact that this company is handling their shareholder members-only, RBI pressurizes on the core provision of the RBI act and other direct application of NBFCs. therefore, Nidhi company is the ideal entity to require a deposit from a lender to a selected group of individuals



Separate legal entity

The company, legal entity, and person established thereunder. Therefore, a corporation has wide legal capacity and may own property and incur Debt. The member of the corporate has no liability to the creditors of a Nidhi company.

Uninterrupted existence

Nidhi companies 'perpetual succession ' exists until its legally dissolved.

Better credibility

The Nidhi company enjoys the best credibility in comparison to or business registration organizations moreover it is monitored by the central government



Easy maintenance

The board of management of the corporate often changed by filling the straightforward form with the registrar of Companies.  The board of management of a corporation controls the activities of the corporate.

Concern company

a juristic person can acquire its enjoyment and eliminate property in its name. No member can claim upon the property of the corporate because Nidhi company is a concerned company. 

Limited liability

The status of being legally responsible for a Limited amount for liabilities of the corporate. Within the company, the members are not held personally liable for the liabilities of the company.


Documents required for Nidhi company registration



  • PAN card copies with self-attestation
  • Latest passport size photo in JPG
  • Copy of no objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the property
  • a replica of the sale deed and electricity bill is enough
  • copy of passport, Aadhar card, driver's license, and voter id card with self-attestation
  • A copy of electricity bill, property taxes, or water tax receipt not older than 2 months is required
  • The utility bill has got to be provided of a specific country and it should be notarized
  • Latest checking account statement on mobile phone bill or electricity bill not older than 2 months, no need for self-attestation
  • Installing office proof of the corporate.  If the corporate is on rent or lease. Then copy of the rental agreement or Lease Agreement
  • In the case of NRI, a far-off national passport copy has got to be notarized at the Indian Embassy of the country


Activities Prohibited in a Nidhi Company

chit funding, hire-purchase financing, lease financing, insurance, or securities business are not allowed by the Nidhi company. Lending money other than its shareholders is prohibited


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Oct 07, 2020 12:00
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