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Artificial Intelligence for Home Security Systems

Artificial Intelligence for Home Security Systems

If you want to protect your home and your family from harm, it’s time to learn how artificial intelligence can change home security. The US. According to the Department of Justice, an average of 3.7 million robberies occur each year. You are looking at the latest home security technologies so that you can protect yourself from the threat.

Security systems of the past have used common sensors and alarms to detect intruders, and they consult a team of security experts in case something goes wrong. If you are away from home when the alarm goes off, you may have to wait until you return to look for the damage. Many people have returned from holiday or business meetings, knowing that this is only a false alarm. The ability to integrate artificial intelligence with home security confronts that problem and offers many benefits, creating a complete home defense that you can rely on.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Modern security systems now allow you to connect t your cameras to your home’s Wi-Fi connection. Then you can download and install the smartphone app so you can view your security footage from anywhere with cell signal or internet access. Your home will notify you when the move or the door is open and watching the live feed will allow you to determine if you are facing a real threat or a false alarm.

Some police departments have reported that 90 percent of alarms are false. Giving you the power to disable the alarm when there is no threat will save you time and money, but if you do not respond quickly, the software will contact the authorities, keeping you out of harm’s way.

Facial recognition

While past security systems can always detect weapons and movements when their alarm is heard, facial recognition can reduce the number of false alarms you experience with AI. The cameras of your security system can detect your face and the faces of the people you invite to your home on a regular basis.

If your alarm and your children or spouse come home, your security system will not contact the police until they realize they are allowed in your home. On the other hand, if the face is not allowed in front of you, it will send help. When you want better protection without worrying about too many false alarms, facial recognition technology is the right solution.

Smart Home Integration

In addition to using facial recognition and Wi-Fi connectivity, AI security systems are also integrated with smart home technology. Amazon Echo and other personal assistants can work with your security system, but they can also learn to detect your throat. These features allow you to use Echo and similar devices to control your security system, cameras, and electronic locks. Giving your children access to the Echo’s security features makes them a little bit safer when you’re not around, making the system armed and unarmed with their voices.

Final Thoughts

The developing world of technology offers many benefits while keeping your home safe from danger. Wi-Fi cameras allow you to get out of town without fear because you know your home is in good hands and the touch of a button gives you access to a live video feed. Using facial recognition technology means you can use your security system without worrying about false alarms.

The software you can find in the market right now takes security to a whole new level, but that’s only the beginning. Looking to the future, we know that upcoming technological advances will create unlimited possibilities. Future software and security systems will keep your home safer in more ways than you once thought.

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