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shane arman


there have been some changes in my life, for the better, that have forced me to be a little disconnected. But I am here again. Thank you for all your emails, they greatly encourage me to continue writing.

One of the questions that you ask me the most in your emails about my trips is whether I consider it important to book the transfer from the airport in advance at origin or if it is better to wait for the destination. So much has happened to me in this regard!

Really happened to me all taxi drivers who have tried to trick me, taxi drivers have led me down the

long road until I told them ' excuse me, is not the first time I come to this site, can you take me for such ta. L », Taxi drivers who did not have the documentation in order and above all I had to pay a fine for it… and thus a few more that would give for an article by itself.

It also depends a lot on the country and one of the things that surprised me the most was to see that the more humble the country is, the fewer problems I have had with taxi reservations and transfers, which makes you wonder why.

What I have learned with all this experience in transfers from different airports in Spain and around the world is that:

It is advisable to book your airport transfer well in advance. Haven't we bought our plane ticket

many months before the trip? Why not do the same with another super important part of the trip? Keep

in mind that our trip to the starting point of our adventure does not end until we arrive and that

includes transfers from the airport or train station. Booking your taxi in advance will also make us

save and take advantage of the promotions of the transfer booking platforms.
If you are traveling with children, you must book in advance from origin since the taxis that wait

for you at the airport exits never carry approved safety seats for your children.
In certain very busy airports, trying to catch a taxi from the ones at the door is a real odyssey.

Once I had to wait 1 hour at the Palma de Mallorca airport, and there was no other option. Booking in advance from origin means that we have our taxi ready when we arrive at the airport, just for us, without waiting and without queues.

And finally, if you want to hire your airport transfer with a closed price from the origin and without

surprises, you must book in advance, and thus you will not suffer from the dreaded "taximeter", with which you will gain in rest and tranquility.

Do not book, if possible, with the Uber and Cabify platforms, at least they have let me down more than once.

I could, perhaps, have explained more details, but basically, these are the fundamentals. Do not leave

such an important part of your trip to chance, that later we can have unpleasant surprises and start our trip with a changed foot and in a bad mood. I've been booking my transfers here for a while and I've never had a problem.https://airporttransfers.london/

shane arman
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