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7 tips to reward a London airport taxi service

Dx mike
7 tips to reward a London airport taxi service

7 tips to reward a London airport taxi service

Ever wonder if you are tipping your taxi driver the right way? For those of us who ride taxis regularly, we've developed a checklist in order to make all the effort a little easier.

Was the ride smooth? Did the driver get you to your destination on time? They were friends? All of these things take into account how much you decide to tip your taxi driver.

But what if you are an infrequent taxi user? Do you tip the same amount as a waiter in a restaurant? More? Less? Here are our 7 tips for tipping our taxi driver to help ease anxiety, avoid embarrassment, and ensure that you are adequately rewarding excellent taxi service in the future.

1. Give them some advice

First things first, if you have a nice taxi ride then yes you should definitely tip. Many drivers are unsure whether it is appropriate to even tip a taxi driver, and we assure you that yes, it is definitely appropriate (when the driver does a good job), and your driver will be very grateful.

2. Leave 10% or better nothing

If you decide that you have a good taxi service and want to leave a tip, be sure to leave 10% or more. Anything less, and you might as well not leave a tip at all. More importantly, if your fee is less than $ 10 and you want to tip, leave a full dollar. It's more insulting to get a 50 cent tip, and it's also more complicated.

3. Be grateful if they helped you unload your luggage

If your taxi driver is very helpful and offers to help you load and unload your luggage at the airport, offers a friendly conversation, or offers an overall pleasant experience, it is good practice to reward them for going the extra mile. Consider inclining 20% ??or more for these types of rides.

4. Choose the amount of the tip

When you are tipping, it is easier for both parties if you round your tip to the nearest dollar. Do not pay $ 11.53 (especially if you pay cash), we advise you to pay $ 12.

You don't want to look around for anything, and to be honest, most taxi drivers don't even have a change on hand if you ask them to break your money. Save a head and round to the nearest whole dollar.

5. Know how to measure the quality of the trip

As with other areas of tipping culture, it is important that the customer knows how to measure the quality of driving and tip accordingly. If you tip a high percentage for a poor ride, you are only rewarding the driver and encouraging a low level for future trips.

We recommend giving a 10% kick for an acceptable taxi ride. Increase up to 15% for a standard level taxi ride.

We advise giving you 20% or more if your taxi driver assisted you with luggage, offered a friendly conversation, got you to your destination in a timely manner, etc. What if your taxi ride was horrible? Do not tip.This tells the driver that they were providing a service that was less than satisfactory, and encourages them to improve.

6. Pay attention to the route

Did your driver take the fastest possible route to get where he is going? Did you pay attention to traffic and take steps to avoid crowded areas? If your driver appeared to have taken a roundabout route or was not adapting the route based on rush hour traffic, this may be a reason for a lower tip.

A good taxi driver will have extensive knowledge of the surroundings and will also be able to suggest different nearby attractions if he is a visitor. If your driver isn't paying attention to your needs and doesn't seem to understand your area well, take that into account when deciding how much to tip.

7. Tip uber and lyft drivers, too
Since Uber and Lyft are pretty common nowadays, it's important to remember to tip these drivers as well. Many times, if you can tip cash for these drivers, it is better.

The apps do not always provide a space to leave a tip, but you must follow the same tip etiquette that you would use for a traditional taxi driver.

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Dx mike
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