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Essential Tech Skills You Need to Get Hired as a Web Developer

Artur Meyster
Essential Tech Skills You Need to Get Hired as a Web Developer

Being a web developer can open many doors for you in the tech world. The demand for web developers is incredibly high these days, with a projected growth of 13% between 2016 to 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Therefore, web development is a great skill to learn if you want to start building a career in the tech industry. On top of that, the position offers hefty compensation. Depending on experience, a web developer could bring home between $55,000 to $77,000 annually. You can also choose to specialize in any of the three components of development which are front end, back end, and full stack. 

To start a career as a web developer, you need to be able to dominate certain skills. In this article, we’ll show you some of the most fundamental skills every web developer should have and where you could learn them. Although every path has its own merits, coding bootcamps may be a good pick if you want a cost-effective and quicker alternative to the traditional degree.


These two are the most fundamental skills in web development. HTML is the standard language for web development. It creates the structure or the skeleton of a website. The use of HTML is often complemented with CSS. While the former provides a structure, the latter helps create the visual elements. With CSS, you’ll be able to select the colors or layouts and visualize how an HTML document will look like. Having great HTML and CSS skills is crucial for you to be hired as a web developer. 


Now we go to the next step—making the website interactive. JavaScript is a higher level coding language that will allow you to improve certain features of a website in order to provide a great customer experience. Some of the things you can do with JavaScript include creating search bars or social media icons. 

Where can you learn this skill? Springboard offers a complete course of JavaScript where you’ll learn everything you need to know to master this coding language. This school offers flexible payment methods and a refund guarantee if you don’t find a job after you graduate. 


Photoshop is a crucial aspect of web design. Having this skill will help you make your vision literally come alive. Photoshop allows developers to have fun with colors, fonts, and different types of design while exploring its various features. Photoshop knowledge will also make it easier for you to program designs on your website.


One of the best schools to learn this skill is General Assembly. With its course, you’ll be learning about text layout, image design and so many other subjects. Just like Springboard, General Assembly’s bootcamps are short-term and offer flexible payment methods. 


WordPress is a content management system and it’s totally free. According to Forbes, 75 million websites are built on WordPress—which makes up a huge part of the internet population. Regardless of your level of experience with web development, WordPress is a great skill to adopt because it’s very easy to use and very intuitive. Besides, you’ll have the help of Yoast, if you ever need to perform search engine optimization on WordPress. 

If you want to learn this skill, there are several great WordPress Bootcamps available such as the one offered by Skillcrush. Its courses can take up to three months and students have the option to learn online or in-person. If you have a busy schedule, you can always try the part-time model. 


SEO could be one of the most beneficial skills to learn when it comes to web development. These days, websites that aren’t optimized with SEO-friendly techniques are very likely to not show up on a Google search. That’s why it has become such an in-demand skill in digital marketing as well. 

However, Google’s algorithm has become more sophisticated with time, so mastering SEO requires continuous learning on your end. It’s not about stuffing keywords everywhere, but instead, start by creating valuable content and getting a robust backlink.

Learning SEO will help you level up your skills and you will have additional service to offer to clients. There are several paths from which you can learn SEO techniques such as self-education, getting a degree in business management or marketing, and enrolling in an SEO bootcamp. 


The best thing you can do as a web developer is to learn every other skill that could help you work independently or offer a wide range of services. It doesn’t hurt to embrace the concept of a life-long learner and keep track of the latest trends in web development.

Artur Meyster
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