Tips to Maintenance Wrench Time Improvement

Dacey Hills

Maintenance Wrench Time is the primary measure of planning and scheduling effectiveness of plant management. It is measured in terms of time spent by maintenance technicians at work in front of jobs. This does not include time spent obtaining parts and work assignments, travel associated with work and break time. 


Maintenance Wrench Time is used as a metric to assess a plant's productivity. A typical maintenance wrench time ranges between a meagre 25% to 35%. The remaining 65% of workers' time is spent on administrative tasks preparing the actual job to be done.


What is Mobile Asset Management and How it Helps?


Maintenance Wrench Time Improvement is one of the significant elements stakeholders should pay attention to. Reports suggest increasing wrench time from 35% to 55% increases output productivity up to 57%.


There are several ways to increase Maintenance Wrench Time, and they all include an essential task of monitoring. Increasing Maintenance Wrench Time will dramatically increase the productivity of plant asset management. 


Mobile Asset Management offered by Massetic is the one-stop solution to increase maintenance wrench time for plant asset management. MAM helps in improving Wrench Time and asset uptime. 


MOAST4 is one such enterprise-class solution for SAP EAM Users. The modern and easy to integrate Mobile Asset Management solution takes care of the inspection and work order management. It comes with powerful offline capabilities and in-built device monitoring features, Bar-code/RFID support, camera integration, etc., that integrate easily with SAP and other third-party solutions.


MOAST4 Features


Inspection Management


Inspection Management is one of the primary features offered by MOAST4. Under Inspection Management, Maintenance Technicians are provided routes, schedules, and equipment locations on their devices.


The Inspection Management Feature of MOAST4 also enables the technicians to obtain equipment history, measurement points, set custom notifications on their mobile application. MOAST4 makes the process completely paperless by also providing equipment calibration and time confirmation.


Work Order Management


Work Order management is the systematic approach to completing maintenance work orders. MOAST4 provides Work Order Lists with equipment locations, equipment history, and details of permits.


MOAST4 also avails design documents, manuals, parts, and PRTs required on mobile devices. Technicians can even record the usage of spare parts with a unique batch and serial number.


Spare Parts Management


SPare Parts Management is also one of the leading features of the MOAST4 Mobile Asset solution. It enables smooth management of the local inventory of spare parts and tools. 


Technicians can issue spare parts and return them through the mobile application. The MOAST4 solution provides real-time transparency of usage, availability of PRTs and tools. Technicians can also optimize available resources and tools to complete the work in optimum time.


Seamless Integrated Process


MOAST4 comes with integrating with other systems like permit management, EHS, GPS, maps, document management, and attendance management. This seamless integration with third-party systems reduces safety incidents, increases first-time maintenance and maintenance wrench time. 


By bringing data from multiple systems, MOAST4 increases the process's efficiency and provides a better and seamless experience for maintenance technicians.

Dacey Hills
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