Top 5 Popular Emotional Support Dog Breeds for Anxious People

Albert Samson


Ever feel like you are alone with your anxious thoughts? Although there are plenty of treatments available if you want to treat your anxiety without medication then you can get yourself an ESA dog. Recently, I also adopted an ESA dog and feeding the him healthiest dog food, and believe me it works wonders. 


There are certain breeds of dogs that can reduce feelings of anxiety in their owners. So, here are a few breeds that can help you in reducing anxiety.



Bulldogs are really good companions. These dogs are gentle and sweet, and will provide you company and will help you in relieving anxiety attacks. You can rub your hands on their skin when you feel low and anxious. If you want to stay at home and reduce anxiety, then a bulldog is the best ESA for you as it also enjoys sitting down next to its owner and make him/her feelings about his presence.  


German shepherd:   

If you feel anxious about your security then you can keep a German shepherd to feel safe at home. This breed is very intelligent and easy to train. A German shepherd is loyal to its owner and its family. They won’t leave your side in any case. If you feel any kind of stress or anxiety, then you can just spend time with your ESA dog and you will feel the change in your behavior. Physical contact with your ESA registration with your dog feels good and it helps to ease anxiety.


Golden retriever:  

This breed is most popular among ESA dogs. They are easy-going and calm. They can give you the full amount of attention and love that you need, and they can even sense the change in your behavior and act accordingly. They can soothe you in tension and bring a smile to your face with their cute and adorable tricks and how to groom your dog at home. They are compatible and can adjust to you in any circumstances.  



Maltese is a lapdog and they love to sit in their humans' lap and cuddle with them. They are gentle and playful. They are small in size and are the cutest small companions for you to help you in overcoming anxiety. They can help you in having good and positive thoughts and let you know how to get an emotional support animal through their playful nature. They can keep you happy throughout the day. When you come home from work, your ESA dog will be waiting for you at the door just to shower his love on you. Maltese is a furry dog and it is best for ESA because on touching its fur, some particular hormones are produced by the human body which gives a feeling of calm and well-being.   

Saint Bernard:

If you are looking for a giant but a gentle dog with a martingale dog collar to soothing your anxiety, then you can adopt a Saint Bernard. This dog is extremely cute with floppy ears. You can play with this dog all day long and can play tricks with him. This breed is fun-loving, and can easily divert your mind from all the sad and tensed thoughts. They can also help you in developing the patience to bear difficult situations.  


After reading this article you must be thinking of getting an ESA dog to fight your anxiety. You can have an ESA easily all you need is to have an ESA letter from a registered therapist. Also, you can check an online emotional support animal letter sample to make sure that you have got the right letter and not met a scam. 


This step is just to satisfy yourself that you have the right letter and can save you from future tensions if you will get caught having a fake ESA letter.  



Albert Samson
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