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Here are the 7 big DIFFERENCES between your exes and the man you are going to marry

Rohit kumar
Here are the 7 big DIFFERENCES between your exes and the man you are going to marry

It's good! You are fed up with men who don't know what they want. They play with your feelings and make empty promises.

With them, you never know which way to dance. One day all is well, they shower you with gifts, compliments, and hugs. Then the next day they ignore you and tell you that you are not up to it.

Out of desperation, you even decided to register on several dating sites in order to find the rare pearl, the right one. Yes, after going through a chain of romantic disasters, you figured this might be the best option.

In fact, you are looking for a rare, pure, beautiful, but true romantic relationship. You no longer want to settle for almost love. You don't want a man who isn't as involved as you are.

But if you take the time to reflect on those past relationships, can you find any commonalities? Are you able to draw specific conclusions?

Honestly, the guys you've dated in the past haven't lived up to your expectations. They weren't ready to make a serious commitment.

In short, you could never have married them. And if you had, you would quickly have found out that you had made a big mistake.

I'll tell you one thing: your exes were immature. On the other hand, the man you are going to marry is going to be someone mature. He will do his best to be the best version of himself to make you happy.

Moreover, this simple difference is what will generate the following 7 behaviors. And these are the behaviors that most distinguish your exes and your future spouse:

1. Certainty

From the first glance, he will know you are made for each other. Indeed, in his mind, there will be no doubt: one day he will marry you.

For him, you will be the perfect woman. The one he waited for all his life. Besides, it will be everything you have always dreamed of. Indeed, having you by his side will make him want to work on himself.

This way, he will always be the best version of himself. After all, he'll want to make you proud!

2. Suffering

I would like to make one thing clear. Just because your relationship will be the best in your life and you will marry her doesn't mean that there will be no suffering.

Arguing, having disagreements, or hurting each other (without realizing it) is quite normal in a couple. You just have to take the time to observe your future spouse.

How does he react when he is angry? What's the worst thing he's done to you? If you can take it in its worst times, you can go through any ordeal together.

3. Communication

The man you are going to end up marrying is someone who is going to really care about you. For example, he will call you after a hard day's work to find out how you are feeling. He will be sending romantic love messages, good morning shayari, romantic quotes when he is away from you. 

He will do whatever he can to make you happy and spend quality time with you. Moreover, as soon as you have a problem, you can confide in him, because he will listen to you and help you find a solution.

The man you'll marry is the kind of guy who isn't going to wait three days for your post to respond, just to make you feel like he's having a super exciting life or that you're not his priority.

4. Confidence

In your romantic relationship, there will be no doubts. You won't feel left out so you won't have any reason to be jealous or feel insecure.

In the evening, you will go to bed peacefully, because you will know perfectly well that this man loves you and respects you. You will know for sure that he thinks you are the woman of his life.

Thus, you will trust him completely and, for this reason, you will feel like you are at peace with yourself, for the first time in a long time.

5. Responsibilities

Your future husband will be someone responsible and independent. He will not depend on his parents to pay his bills or do his shopping.

Indeed, he will work and live alone. Moreover, he will also have learned to cook and take care of himself, like a real man of the 21st century.

Thus, this man will not seek a woman to fill the role of the cook or the mother of his children. He will seek his equal, his teammate.

6. The family

Unlike your exes, this man will have no problem introducing you to his family and friends. Indeed, these people are the most important people in her life.

So, he will want to introduce them to you, because he will want to check if you can find your place in his entourage and what those close to him think about you.

In fact, he'll be so proud of you that he can't help but strut around to show everyone how lucky he is to be with you.

7. The future

Together, you will build a life that suits you perfectly. Indeed, the biggest difference between your exes and your future husband is the fact that your goals will be compatible.

So you will talk about marriage, children, and retirement. You will agree on the path you want to take together. In short, for the first time, you will feel that your future can be bright.

One thing's for sure: you've never had these kinds of conversations with your exes. Why? Because you knew (subconsciously) that these relationships weren't going to last. And you were right!

Rohit kumar
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