Human Resources Management Systems


It's no secret that a motivated workforce makes for highly successful companies. Manage your employees effectively maximizing motivation across your company. By transforming your engagement with them, Leysha, aims at bringing transparency in operations.

Leysha automates all redundant tasks like managing attendance, leaves, payroll, expenses etc. On top of that it brings you vital insights from these functions helping you understand how these are impacting your efficiency and profitability.

Empower your HR department as well as your employees with tools that helps in improving their performance for your company.

Employee Management

Securely store and manage all employee related information with this feature. Following information can be linked with any employee record:

  1. a) Personal Profile & contact information.
  2. b) Salary & bank information
  3. c) Contract type, information and supporting document. You can also utilize pre-configured contract templates.
  4. d) social media information
  5. e) Previous work experience
  6. f) Professional and educational qualifications.
  7. g) Documents section to manage and retrieve all documents submitted at the time of joining.
  8. h) Location and shift information


Attendance Management

Take away all the hassles of managing attendance and reduce the changes of employees abusing the system. Leysha approaches this function with a fresh view and automates certain aspects to make the process both user friendly yet effective. It doesn't become prohibitive but still brings in accurate records. Some cool features under Attendance Management are as follows:

  1. a) Automated punch-in / punch-out with the mobile app when they enter or exit business premises.
  2. b) Outdoor punch-in / punch-out for selected employees or departments. So your on-field staff like e.g. your sales team can remotely put in their hours. In conjunction with the Live Tracking feature, you can always see where they are live or even check historic records linked to tasks assigned to them.
  3. c) Advanced analytics giving you an in-depth from across multiple locations and shifts without any active monitoring. Gives you actionable data.
  4. d) Links attendance and punctuality with rewards to motivate employees.



Easily process payrolls either manually or automatically. You can process payrolls for a specific individual or all your employees in one go. Leysha accounts for all the deductions, allowances, expenses, extra time etc. All of these can be easily configured and customized according to your preference. So configure and let Leysha do the rest. Your employees couldn't be happier as they would also receive full breakup of their pays and can receive a salary slip should you enable that. There are several other configurable options that you can choose according to your business needs.



Managing and motivating staff is probably the most difficult part of any growing company. Yet it is easily among the most crucial functions. A number of studies have concluded that not only financial incentives but some non-financial motivators too play a pivotal role in building long-term employee engagement. For any growing business a motivated workforce can put them in fast lane of consistent growth. Easier said then done though in real world. Even more difficult for growing companies with limited resources at their resources to find and reward performers on an ongoing basis. This is what Leysha resolves for you. By finding insights from a multitude of business functions and allowing you to link them performance it can find your performers on it's own and let's you reward them. What's more you automate the entire process and let Leysha find them for you, on predefined time-frames like a week, month, quarter etc.. using performance indicators such as punctuality, task performance, sales targets, ratings etc.. and their combinations.



Automate your entire leave management and spare yourself with the trouble of managing this redundant function. Leysha automates the entire workflow including accounting for leaves based on your organization's preferences in payroll processing.


Dive deeper into reasons behind issues that you or your business might be facing. Leysha brings in not only general statistics but also in detailed and comprehensive reports from across various functions of your organization. This ensures that you are not doing guess work but are equipped with precise data to back your decisions. You are never caught in a situation where you are not ready to face them. Rather, you can be one step ahead by being able to watch trends, get insights and know why and how certain things turn up the way they did. This is one of the crucial differences between a successful and an average company. Ignoring what data has to tell you can cost immensely and irreparable damage to your business. Leysha generates these insights from every function, showing the results along with action items where required. It prepares you to face challenges in a planned manner so you overcome obstacles with positive outcomes consistently.

To know more: https://www.leysha.ai/human-resources-management-systems/

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