Integral Healing

Faheem Shaikh


A human body is an extraordinarily complex structure with many systems running simultaneously as one unit, whereby each part is in constant communication with all others via various networks and feedback systems. Any dis-ease to one part, affects the whole in one way or the other.

So, when you are angry, the effect is not only in your mind but also felt throughout your body from changes in breathing pattern, to release of stress hormones, muscle contractions, increased heartbeats, blood pressure and body temperature and so on.

Over and above this add the invisible subtle structure of aura, chakra, and thousands of subtle channels throughout the body and this becomes an overly complex machine built by the nature.

To ensure health and wellness of such a complex structure, there are many therapies and modalities available tackling specific issues from a unique perspective. Some of the modalities like Ayurveda, acupressure, acupuncture, yoga is quite ancient. With advancement in science and technology, we have excellent medical services and medicines available for many diseases. 

However, still human beings are suffering a lot. In the current situation, we believe it is better to have an integral approach to health issues we face – combining and taking support of multiple modalities which cater to quite different level of human body. For example, good nutrition, excellent breathings exercises, typical Yoga postures and energy healing can all go hand in hand and support mainstream science for a better quality of life.

Looking at human body from this integral perspective, we at Your Spiritual Revolution are offering unique Health and Wellness Integral Healing package whereby we combine several healing modalities which go hand-in-hand for your physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness.

All our healers are personally selected and tested by founder Amitt Parikh, and we work with only advanced healers having several years of professional experience, successful healings apart from being highly spiritually evolved.


Faheem Shaikh
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