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IoT Based Home Automation System And It’s Working

IoT Based Home Automation System And It’s Working

An IOT based home automation system is nothing but a large set of hardware and software to turn your he into a smart one. It does this by tracking the patterns within your household, so they can provide you with automated services to make your life easier.

This blog is going to explore what an IoT based home automation system is, how it works, the benefits of having one installed in your house, and what are some good examples of companies who do this type of work.

IOT, or Internet of Things, is a technological concept that has been growing rapidly in recent years. In simple terms, it’s the idea that you can monitor devices and their data on the internet.

A smart home is enable to link all the devices together with a single controller, which automates your house based upon your needs, besides that, each device is able to gather any information. This technology has now been miniaturized to fit into our homes and automated systems like this are now quite popular with homeowners. It is a system where you check in with a remote control to trigger a certain behavior on any device. You can set off an alarm, unlock the front door, turn on the lights on your way home from work, and many other things you can imagine.

How Does an IOT Based Home Automation System Work?

In order to automate your house with an IOT based home automation system, each device installed must have its own data point within the overall system for it to operate properly and be able to provide you with services. Then the controller will monitor each of these devices and upload their data into this system which will then calculate how they respond in various in situations and set off actions accordingly.

If you wanted to unlock your front door when someone rings the bell, you would need to add a sensor in your doorbell which when triggered would allow your system to know when someone was trying to come in. Once this happens, it will reach out and communicate with each of the other devices and determine if there is something you need.

Benefits of an IOT Based Home Automation System

  1. There are many benefits that come with having an IOT based home automation system installed in your house. The first benefit is that it will be more efficient. Instead of having to manually turn off the lights every night, you can simply put a sensor somewhere in your house which will automatically turn them off when you leave the room so you never have to do it again.

2. This cuts down on waste and adds a little bit of comfort to your life knowing that your house is actually being made a home by the system instead of being a place where all of the lights are left on at night.

3. Another great benefit is that this system can help make previously inaccessible of hardware and install it with this system and you can control it with ease.

Examples For Home Automation

Hive: This is a company that makes a hardware controller and sensor kits for household devices. You can easily set up a security system, lights, and climate control with their kits and automate your house easily. Nest: This is another popular company that makes smart home platforms for heating and cooling systems.They also make lighting systems which are easy to install because you don’t have to run wires to them since they are wireless.

These are all managed through their main device which allows you to manage everything from your smartphone or through the web interface on your computer. Amazon Echo: Amazon’s voice assistant for the home can do a lot of things which you wouldn’t expect it to be able to do.

Alexa is a software based home automation system that is able to do a wide range of tasks from controlling your temperature remotely to setting timers and reminders, making notes, and many other things.

In the future, we may see this technology becoming even smaller so that you can control your house with just your mind thanks tocognitive computing systems like IBM Watson. These technologies will be able to read our minds and determine our needs without us even speaking or touching anything. This will allow us to live in a world where nearly everything is automated and time is accounted for in a more efficient manner.

A few companies are already beginning this process by making highly advanced technology systems, so it’s only a matter of time before we can easily automate our lives with these pieces of hardware.

How To Set Up Your Own IOT (Internet of Things) Based Home Automation System?

There are quite a few benefits of having this kind of system installed in your home. Some of the benefits include most appliances acting automatically when you need them to, lighting automatically turning on at the right time so the sun won’t be damaging your eyes while you sleep, and most importantly being able to have a more efficient house with less moving parts that can break down or wear out.

Let’s take a look at how you could link the devices together with software that will allow them to work in conjunction with one another.

Each of these devices has a data point with a proper access in it. This means that you can set a certain level of programming into the device that will allow it to communicate with the home automation system and send what it needs back and forth.



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