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How to over come exam stress - Shauna

How to over come exam stress - Shauna

Exam stress is one of the main issue of getting depresion, anixity etc. Now a days, many students face these kind of difficulties. I this era COVID-19 bring more issue like online classes, lack of cummonication between students and teacher. 

I suggest people to get essay writing service to get help in academic career. As is it important to compete with your educational career.

According to some people, essay writing is a natural procedure but to many experts, knowing how to respond to a specific essay question in such a way that will score excellent marks is something that every student has to learn.

So, let’s dive into these 7 essay writing ways.

1. Comprehend the question

This is a very crucial step because if you fail to understand the question, you will simply get a disappointing grade on your paper. Are you being asked to compare and contrast? Do you have to critically evaluate something? Are you being required to analyse a specific situation?

Well, these are some of the most common types of essay questions and each indicates its unique set of expectations. If you are asked to critically analyze a specific theory, for example, you have to understand the asked theory and comprehend other related approaches as well.

2. Develop a plan and schedule

Comprehending the asked question is the foremost step, but it is equally important that you have an appropriate time to attempt that question.

It is observed that students mostly underestimate the amount of work required to write a flawless essay, which contributes to two things:

  • Spending late hours at the library
  • Getting a disappointing grade

If you want to write a custom essay and get the best grade, you should develop a plan regarding your essay just at the moment you receive the essay.

3. Read extensively

Writing may be the central task but no one can deny the importance of reading. Before you start crafting your essay, you have to conduct extensive research for the relevant literature.

Google Scholar is a quite useful tool for this. However, when you find a paper related that sounds engaging, read its overall abstract to make sure that it is related to your question.

You should not rely on only a limited number of texts. Rather, you have to analyse 10-12 articles related to your question.

4. Be creative and critical

Creativity and critical thinking are the two things that make your essay the perfect one. It reveals to your mentor that you are not rewriting the arguments but actually considering the theories most appropriately.

One of the most useful ways to practice this is to focus on the literature reviews while reading the articles.

5. Structure

Having a captivating structure will help ensure that your essay stays engaging and does not bend from the focal point. Every single sentence and paragraph should add value to the arguments that you are showcasing.

While writing sentences, you have to ask yourself: which impact does this sentence make on the reader? How is it related to my argument?

If you cannot give a sensible answer to these questions, you are straying from the core arguments. Hence, you have to reconsider the path you are taking.

6. Paraphrasing

Writing any academic piece of paper requires a careful balance between the core argument and writing on the argument presented by other researchers. Whenever you are making a statement of fact, it is very important to provide evidence.

7. Write in a proper academic way

The most common issue among undergraduate students is that they write in a non-academic style. Your sentiments behind the text are good but it looks like writing a second-class blog rather than an academic essay.

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