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Best Budget gaming laptop in 2022

Vishal kale
Best Budget gaming laptop in 2022

Best Budget gaming laptop in 2021 


Since the trend of gaming hit the online platform, the laptop industry is on its feet with growing competition the brands also started making the newest inventions in their products.

As result, we have a lot of options to choose from but choosing a gaming laptop as per requirement is necessary as if your laptop does not have a sufficient configuration to support your game then it will lag performance.

Now is it only gamers who are looking for gaming laptops then the short answer is no, as gaming laptops have a very powerful CPU and dedicated graphics card.

Thus these are also in demand and popular among designers, VFX, animations, blender animation & video editing.

Due to its graphical elements and excellent refresh rate you get to see much-improved screen quality than a normal laptop. 

So let us discuss some of the points you must consider while buying a gaming laptop on a budget.

Processor (Central Processing Unit) 

Even though gaming laptops have powerful graphics still the first priority when looking at any laptop is its processor as laptop booting time, and processing depends on processing.

Especially if you are looking for a laptop for editing videos and do not have many VFX effects or graphical elements then you must concentrate on the CPU as most of the editing works are CPU extensive rather the graphics card.

So Intel & AMD leading the CPU section of laptops, AMD has the upper hand over Intel when it comes to gaming but Intel is not far behind.

In budget laptops, you will get 10the gen i5 processors from intel & 4th Ryzen 5 can be another option.

Whereas if you have a budget to spend then you should not settle for anything below the i7 processor of the 11th or 10th gen or AMD 5th or 7th generation.


Ram ( Random access memory)

Gamers, designers, or editing workers have to do a lot of multitasking where you may have to work on multiple applications at once so ram should be efficient enough to deliver smooth performance.

Well, for instance, budget gaming laptops come with 8GB DDR4 RAM with upgradable options so it's not a headache.

But few laptops have 16GB upgradability & others have 32GB, to be honest, 16GB will be enough for most of your work but if you are into heavy editing such 4Kor working on heavy software such as blender in animation, or into heavy programming work.

Though 16GB is the minimum criteria but always better to have a 32GB ram option so if any lag in performance you can always upgrade it.


Storage Capacity:

Storage capacity is important not only to save files but also to enhance the machine's overall performance a good combination of SSD storage and a powerful CPU is what you should configure.

Here in the budget, you will get 512GB SSD laptops which is an ideal pick but if you have a very low budget there are a few cheap laptops for gamers integrated with 1TB HDD.

For instance, choose a 1TB HDD laptop but make sure it will have an additional slot to upgrade it to SSD later.

If you can extend your budget to a little between 65000 to 75000 with 512GB SSD you will get the laptop that has both storages which is 1TB HDD & 256GB SSD which can be an excellent pick.


Graphics card ( Graphics Processing unit) 

Now it comes to graphics cards best laptop for gaming under the 60000 budget will have to settle with GTX Nvidia 1650 laptop.

But if you can extend the budget you may get 1650ti, and 1660 laptops that support really well for playing modern games such as AAA till 2018.

But if you are into high-end games then RTX laptops are best for you there are many laptops under 90000 available even if that matters few laptops under 80000 are available with RTX 3050 and 3050Tti laptops.

If you are into heavy design, VFX, animation, or editing where lots of color accuracy is needed then going with RTX is the best solution but GTX 1650ti can do the job for basic work you do not need a high graphics card.


Refresh rate:

Refresh rate matters the most in gaming laptops for instance everything moves so fast that your screen should not lag, stutter or tear during your gameplay.

So in budget laptops, you will get a laptop with a 60hz refresh rate which is not very ideal for gaming you may play but with poor performance so, for instance, you must have a laptop with at least a 120hz refresh rate or 144hz even better.

Some of the expensive laptops even offer a 165hz refresh rate which can enhance your overall gaming performance.


Display size: 

Now since you are looking for a gaming laptop smaller screen laptops are not worth it, you can choose some of the 14" gaming laptops but not 13" ideal will be 15.6" or even 16" can give you very immersive wide viewing visuals.

Well, 14" gaming laptops are a little more pricey than 15.6" especially Asus laptops are the ones mostly found with 14" laptops but you may have to spend above 80k to get one.

In cheap laptops for gamers 15.6" display is available and sufficient for pro gaming, with display, your laptop should have IPS & anti-glare technology to give your eyes comfortable during long use,

Nowadays brands do come with their own innovative techniques to lessen eye strain after longer use such as flicker-free technology, and adaptive sync technology but these are costly laptops above 80000 to 90000.



So while concluding let us recap the best budget gaming laptop buying guide, CPU is a top priority along with a minimum of 8GB ram with an upgradeable option between 16G to 32GB.

SSD is a must but if have a low budget choose an HDD laptop the slot to upgrade it to SSD is important and the GTX 1650 graphics card is good for playing Full HD 1080 games but for modern games AAA till 2018 you need at least 1650ti or 1660 you can also play GTA games. 

But for High-end gaming, you must have high-performing graphics, also for any gaming gong with a refresh rate between 120hz to 144hz is a must.




Vishal kale
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