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Why Choose Faux Wood Shutters For Your Home

Sandy Williams
Why Choose Faux Wood Shutters For Your Home

Faux wood shutters or poly shutters in Palm Beach Gardens are a blend of wood and vinyl and are often chosen because of their functionality and low cost. The right choice of window treatment can affect the look and feel of your home and also impact the ambiance significantly. Window shutters are available in various materials and poly shutters or faux wood shutters are becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the major benefits of poly shutters.



This is one of the biggest reasons why people opt for a faux wood shutter. The reasonable pricing of this type of shutter attracts a lot of buyers. The cost of faux wood shutters is about a fraction of the cost of the real wood shutters and you get all the benefits of the shutters with such little cost. You can install this shutter in any room of the house and you can expect it to be as attractive as other shutter types.


Resistant To Moisture

As compared to real hardwood, poly shutters are much more resistant to moisture thus making them suitable for use in any room including the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and basement. They are also not prone to scratching or damage like warping, unlike real wood which makes them a good choice for your home. Also, this shutter does not fade under the constant sun exposure which prevents yellowing of the material over time. 


Easy To Install

While real wood shutters have a great aesthetic appeal but they are also quite heavy which makes them a little difficult to install. Faux wood windows are made of composite materials and their hollow-bodied production process makes them lightweight and very easy to lift and install. They are also suitable for DIY installation and if you have some DIY experience, you can do the installation yourself.


Long-Lasting And Durable

Poly shutters are made of high-quality and hard-wearing materials which makes them super durable and they can easily stand the test of time. Poly shutters are less likely to break from regular wear and tear and constant use. Also, these shutters are pretty stable and won’t rattle, unlike many other window treatments. If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting solution for your window then this shutter is a good choice. 


Easy To Clean

Real wood shutters are prone to damage by moisture and so it can be difficult to clean them at times. Faux wood blinds are good at resisting moisture damage and thus cleaning them is very simple and does not require much effort. You can rinse the shutters from time to time or clean them with a wet mop and mild cleaning solution to keep the shutters clean. You do not have to worry about moisture damage when cleaning this type of plantation shutters in Palm Beach Gardens.


Available In Many Varieties

When it comes to the looks of the shutters, poly shutters are available in many different varieties and colors, you can also have them customized into your desired window size. The flexibility of customization leaves you the option of having them tailored to your unique requirements. Whatever the style and theme of your interiors are, you can always find a poly shutter to match the theme and you can always have the shutters customized to fit in your interiors.


Environment-friendly Option

Faux wood shutters are more environmentally friendly than real wood shutters. Faux wood shutters help environment conservation as they prevent cutting down of more trees and they are also recyclable and you can also buy recycled poly shutters to do your part for the environment. Also, when your shutters have aged you can have them recycled and so you can contribute to the reduction of the amount of refuse deposited in the landfills. If you are looking for style, comfort, and an environmentally conscious choice of window shutters then poly shutters are a great option for you.

Sandy Williams
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