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Ear Piercing for Kids: Right Age, Effects & Safety Tips

Ear Piercing for Kids: Right Age, Effects & Safety Tips

Ear piercing is not only done for fashion but in many families, it is treated as tradition. Not only girls but boys also get their ears pierced at a very young age. But before getting an ear piercing for your young ones you should have knowledge about ear piercing. 

Here we are going to discuss the appropriate age of children's ear piercing, safety tips for ear piercing, effect of ear piercing on children, and post-care after children's ear piercing.

Appropriate Age Of Children's Ear Piercing

If we talk about the best age of piercing then it should be according to individual choice because everyone has different choices for ear piercing. In many families, children's piercing is done at a very young age but it is not advised by doctors to pierce the ear of infants as their immune system is not strong enough to fight against the infection of ear piercing. Hence the appropriate age for children's piercing is 6 months old or older. But if you want your child's opinion on ear piercing then the advisable age for it is about 9 or 10 years old.

Safety Tips For Ear Piercing

There are some safety tips for ear piercing that you should follow before and after getting children's piercing

•Just make sure that you don't get your child’s cartilage pierced because cartilage piercings take a longer time to heal and if proper care is not taken, it can lead to the formation of keloids which hurts a lot.

•Make sure that your child doesn't have any allergies or skin conditions, if he/she has any of those then you must consult a doctor before getting a children's piercing.

•Always tie a Ponytail of hair especially when your child gives long hair as it prevents the hair from entangling with the earring. You can also use hair gel, hair spray, which will help in keeping the hair away from the ears.

Effect Of Ear Piercing On Children

•There are some chances that the skin may get infected and it may grow over the earrings. If this happens then you have to remove the rear stud which may be covered by the skin. If the earring has already been removed, then a repeat piercing might have to be conducted. You can take advice from experts.

•There are chances that at the time of playing any sports or performing physical activities, an earring may get stuck in clothes or any other things, and which might lead to the earlobe being pulled or torn. So to avoid this you have to be cautious. 

•Sometimes the size of the piercing is too small, it may blend with the skin if your child will not wear any earrings. So you have to make sure that your child is wearing an earring all the time to avoid this.

Post-Care After Children's Ear Piercing

•After getting children's piercing the area becomes very sensitive. It is required that extra care and hygiene should be maintained to keep them clean. You have to make sure that no one touches that area with dirty or wet hands.

•Some people also recommend moving the earrings to keep the hole in proper shape. However, you don't have to do this if the piercing is not properly healed, and make sure that your baby should not remove any dry skin that forms over the wound.

•If your baby is young, then it might be difficult to stop her from touching her so you should make sure that her hands are clean. 

The wound should be cleaned regularly with saltwater with the help of cotton balls or a sponge at least two times a day.

From Where To Get Children's Ear Piercing

Many people prefer roadside piercing shops but it is not safe as their equipment is not sterilized, they don't have proper knowledge about side effects and they don't have any medical knowledge to cure any infection. So the question arises from where you should get your ear pierced. The answer to that is from pharmacists as they have specialized knowledge about the techniques, the side effects, and the treatment to cure the infection.

Here were all the guidelines and information that you should know before getting your children's ear piercing. For reading more details about Why ear piercing is safe and precise when done in a pharmacy visit https://www.discountchemistliverpool.com.au.

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