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The Different Kinds of Fern Plant Online That Are Available

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To any shady garden, ferns make a great addition. Interplant them with other shade-loving plants such as the hostas, astilbes, caladiums, and dicentras, as you can use the Fern Plant Online for background plantings too.


It can be quite a challenge in terms of maintaining a good-looking lawn if your yard is shady enough. Use ferns in the most difficult areas when you consider replacing them. They are a great ground cover and needless attention to that of turfgrass once they are established.


Let us now consider the variety of ferns that are available today:


  • Christmas Fern


This is the fern that is native to the eastern US and is specifically popular in the southeast regions, where the foliage stays green throughout the winters. Like a Boston fern, the dark green fronds have the same long narrow shape. These plants are long-lived and grow at a slow rate. Plant them in moist, well-drained soil that is quite acidic in nature. The mature height for these ferns is about 1 to 2 feet with a similar spread. They are hardy in the zones of 3-8.


  • Ghost Fern


It is yet another lovely fern which is a hybrid between the Japanese painted fern and lady fern. These plants have silvery-grey fronds and upright habits with accents of burgundy. You need to plant them in part to full shade and offer shelter to them from the wind. 

The ghost ferns will not be tolerating the drought season, which is why it is vital to select their planting location where the soil would be moist consistently all throughout the season. This is the plant that would grow relatively slower, eventually spreading out to cover about 2 to 3 feet of area.


  • Ostrich Fern


These ferns are native and clump-forming ferns having a great presence in the landscapes here. By late summer, it will stand up to 4 to 6 feet and spread about 3 to 6 feet as they have an upright growth habit. These ostrich ferns would be producing two kinds of fronds. 


The infertile ones are long and lacy like the ostrich plume. They would be emerging out of the base of the plant during the early spring, being curled up like a fiddlehead and slowly unfurling to their entire length of 4 feet.


  • Leatherwood Fern


This is the fern that is native to the eastern US and is known as the marginal shield fern. It would be reaching to a height of about 18-24” by spreading equally. They are about 5 to 8” wide and have a leathery structure to their appearance. These should be grown into moist soil and are projected out from the sun along with the drying wind. They are compact and well-mannered fern which is a great choice for every kind of shady garden.


  • Lady in Red


These lady ferns are native to the eastern as well as the central US. The name here was selected for the showy red color of the stem here. These stems would be intensifying the color with the maturity of the plants here. They are planted in full or even partial shades. These plants will be tolerating the sun if the soil here is a moist one in the northern areas.

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