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Property dealers | Commercial property | Plots in Mohali

Property dealer |Commercial property |Plots in Mohali
Property dealers | Commercial property | Plots in Mohali

What is commercial property?

A commercial property is real estate being used for business activities. These lands are designed and allocated just to cater to the business needs. Commercial properties tend to have high income value than any residential values. These do not require maintenance as this is the responsibility of the lessee. The simplest way to define a commercial property is a property that has the potential to earn huge profits. Commercial properties are located at prime locations to draw maximum traffic and customers.

How does investing in commercial property compare to investing in residential property?

When compared commercial properties provide huge returns as compared to residential properties. This is the because commercial properties and designed to cater to a healthy business. These properties do not require you to pay any extra expenses for maintenance, taxes and insurance as all this is the responsibility of the owner of the property; hence this cuts down your rent expenses and doubles your profit. Moreover these properties are not designed for stay and accommodation rather they are designed to help businesses flourish and attract more customers. So you get customers and investors at a rate higher than usual. If you are thinking of opening any sort of new business then commercial properties are your best in fit.

What are the different types of real estate’s?

1. Offices:

Office buildings can easily be categorized into two categories mainly urban and suburban. Urban buildings are huge skyscrapers and high-rise properties with usually one single tenant. Whereas suburban offices are multi-tenant offices spanning small areas with multi businesses running in unity. These offices could be of anything from restaurants, legal buildings, small or large businesses of any kind or even medical houses.

2. Retail:

Retail properties are a subclass under commercial properties that cater to properties owned for the purpose of retail stores and restaurants. These could be multi-tenant or single use stand alone buildings. These properties are designed to attract consumers to especially localities into investing into your business. These properties are usually located near housing and cooperative societies in order to attract customers

3. Industrial:

As the name suggests, industrial properties under the commercial properties are properties meant to serve of use as manufacturing unit, warehouses, etc. these buildings could be grouped into industrial parks or individual units depending on the sizes of firms. These properties contain mix of both industrial and office spaces.

4. Multifamily:

Commercial properties can even be turned into housing units. Anyone interested in turning property into housing business can go for these properties. The multifamily sector covers all types of residential real estate namely apartments, housing societies, condos, co-ops etc.

5. Hotel: The hotel sector under commercial properties spans all the casinos, boutiques, extended stay houses, resorts etc. these units provide accommodations, meals, leisure activities and clubs. These properties offer limited to full services. these units offer full-service amenities, and are a huge success due to unmatched designs and locations. You could go for these properties in if you are considering to open a new hotel or resort.

Property dealer |Commercial property |Plots in Mohali
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