4 Must-Try Content Marketing & Management Platforms

Andre Oentoro

The content creation and marketing industry is consistently growing over the past few years. More and more businesses are realizing the importance of content in reaching out to their target audience. It also means there is growing competition for content marketers. And that translates into the need for more tools and aides if you have to stay ahead of your game. This explains why the global content marketing software market size is expected to grow to USD 9.59 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 18.4%. 

When it comes to choosing the right content marketing tools and platforms for your business, it might get a little overwhelming. There are a plethora of options in the market and not all of them offer you the same value.

Certain tools like Semrush for SEO, Canva for infographics or even programs like Canva, Yoast for content readability, or a good online design tool are usually a part of every content marketer's toolkit. But there are some content creation and marketing tools you probably haven't tried yet, and may be missing out on the benefits they offer.

To help you out, we've carefully curated a list of the best content marketing and management platforms that can up your content marketing game.

1. Narrato- Content creation and collaboration software

Narrato is a platform that every content marketer must have in their tool stack. Narrato is a content creation, collaboration, and management platform that offers you a host of useful features. The platform not only helps you create awesome content with minimum effort but also helps organize your content projects and streamline the content creation process

Some of the key features that you enjoy on Narrato workspace include -

  • A powerful content editor that offers grammar and readability suggestions + AI Writing
  • Customizable templates that can be applied to content tasks to give your content creators a direction regarding the structure of a post
  • A guidelines repository where you can save all your reusable project guidelines and apply them to content tasks when needed
  • Organize and track content projects and tasks using folders, content calendar and boards
  • Manage team members, freelancers, and other stakeholders using customized roles and access
  • Easy collaboration with in-line comments on content tasks and messaging on the platform
  • Easy content delivery using publicly shareable links and WordPress publishing 

Narrato gives you all the features that you would expect from a good content creation and management platform. It has a "Client" user role to share work with clients and get feedback, which is great for content and web design agencies. Instead of relying on a bunch of disconnected apps and tools like Google Docs, Dropbox, email, etc. you can manage all your content projects on a single platform, bringing your entire team together. 

You can request a demo on the website and also access a free account for a limited period.

2. Mindstamp - Interactive video creation software

Creating good video content has become as important as good copywriting for your website or solid sales enablement content for your sales team. Video content drives more engagement than most other content types, so a video content strategy is imperative. Mindstamp is a platform that helps you create interactive videos that drive viewer engagement and convert more leads. From creating personalized video marketing experiences to enthralling product videos to attention-grabbing training videos, Mindstamp can help you with all of it.

Your interactive videos created using Mindstamp can have -

  • Questions that pause the video and wait for a response
  • Clickable buttons to drive actions throughout the video
  • Hotspots to label video content and clickable areas in a video
  • Drawing and highlighting in a video to draw the viewer's attention
  • Comments overlay to provide context
  • Video clips overlay
  • Externally added voice clips
  • Clickable images

Apart from these features, Minstamp offers transcriptions, reporting, and personalization capabilities too. 

The Starter plan is priced at $19 per month. The Core plan is $99 per month while the Enterprise plan is $499 per month.

3. Breadnbeyond - Animated explainer video production

Breadnbeyond is another one-of-a-kind content creation platform that helps you create animated videos for your every need. The Breadnbeyond team consults with its clients to understand their needs, does market research, brainstorms for ideas, and creates captivating animated videos that connect with their audience. 

The platform believes in effective communication and keeps clients involved throughout the content creation process to get valuable inputs from them all the way to the end. They help create animated videos for app demos, product demos, customer service, employee onboarding, sales, training, ads, and more.

Breadnbeyond has three different plans - Ultimate, Premium, and Advance. To discuss pricing and other details, you can book a free consultation on their website.

4. Alitu - Podcast editing platform

A podcast is another content format that is faring extremely well in the content marketing scene right now. There are expected to be nearly 504.9 million podcast listeners worldwide by 2024. So content marketers need to cash in on this opportunity. Alitu is a platform that helps you edit your podcasts effortlessly. It helps with recording, editing, and publishing podcasts by automating most of the technical parts involved in the process. 

Features offered by Alitu include -

  • Call recording for podcast creation
  • Automatic audio cleanup and leveling
  • Easy editing of silences and mistakes out of the podcasts
  • Branding of podcasts to build your brand awareness
  • Easy publishing to podcast hosting platforms

Most of the operations can be completed using easy drag and drop actions. You save money on complicated audio equipment get things done in minutes instead of long, strenuous hours. 

The monthly plan is priced at $32 per month.


the content marketing world is getting more competitive with each passing year. Unless you have the right tools to help your content creation process, rising above your competition is going to be tough. Makes sure that you choose your weapons well before you land in the arena. These few content marketing and management platforms we've listed cover almost every content type that you could need to create. Try them out and see how your content performance soars with just a little help.

Andre Oentoro
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