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Eight Exciting And True Facts About Matcha

Eight Exciting And True Facts About Matcha

The first question that may pop up in your mind when you hear about matcha is that what is it actually? Matcha is a type of green tea that comes from a tea plant that is known as Camellia Sinensis. Being the central focus of Japanese tea ceremonies, Matcha tea gets harvested in a unique and distinct manner. An old technique is used to enhance the nutritional value of the tea in which the plant isn’t allowed to be exposed to the sunlight for almost a month before going into the harvesting procedure. It is done to increase the production of chlorophyll which is the pigment in the plant that gives the green color. Traditionally, matcha tea is prepared using a bamboo whisk or a chasen, to knead matcha green tea powder into hot water. It requires a lot of practice, dedication, and precision to obtain the perfect creamy and frothy mixture. Just in case the fascinating traditional tea ceremony wasn’t convincing enough, here are some exciting reasons why you should be incorporating matcha into your life.


1.   It’s unbelievably more potent than regular brewed tea:

You get 100% of the nutrients, including fiber, vitamins, and 137 times the antioxidants compared to a cup of regularly brewed green tea when you drink matcha. Also, matcha tea is manufactured from finely ground whole green tea leaves, which makes it much more vital, potent and beneficial for health than other regularly brewed teas.


2.   It contains more amounts of caffeine than coffee does.

Very few people know that one teaspoon of matcha contains 70 mg of caffeine which is more than a shot of espresso which contains just 64 mg of caffeine. This makes matcha tea a healthier alternative for people with caffeine cravings since one cup of matcha tea delivers a greater energy boost than an average cup of coffee. How exciting is that?


3.   It improves mental clarity without :

What’s better than a healthy energy drink? By consuming matcha, the consumer gets 6-8 hours of steady energy, without having to worry about feeling wired or suddenly crashing. The reason for this is that matcha contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is vital in calming the mind down and relaxing the body without inducing drowsiness.

4.   It can boost metabolism and burn calories.

Drinking tea to lose weight does sound intriguing, right? Multiple studies and surveys have proven that a regular consumer of matcha has higher metabolic rates, upto 35-40% than those who don’t drink matcha. A higher metabolism directly means that your body uses more calories than a person with a slower metabolism at the resting state. The weight loss goals you’ve set can be achieved much more easily only if you incorporate matcha in your life.

5.   It can get rid of bad breath.

This is a fact you must have heard before that having a clean gut also not only eliminates bad breath but body odor too. Just like other green herbs, matcha contains chlorophyll in massive amounts, which is helpful in detoxifying the blood, digestive tracts and liver.


6.   Stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Matcha can also be helpful in slowing down and avoiding the development of type 1 diabetes by regulating the glucose levels in the body. Also, dietary fiber found in matcha green tea can help prevent insulin spikes.


7.   It can slow down aging.

Having high levels of antioxidants, specifically catechin, Green tea leaves can prevent free radicals from destroying body cells. Studies have proven that catechin can slow down cardiovascular diseases, skin aging and possibly even cancers.


8.   It can lower blood pressure.

Specific catechins inhibit angiotensin allowing for less contraction of blood vessels and reducing blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means that your chances of stroke, heart disease, kidney failures, and other health problems will also be decreased.


To Wrap Up:

This information is persuasive enough to make you realize how beneficial matcha tea can be. It’s almost like a magic potion. Now that you are pretty much aware of matcha tea and its benefits, you don’t have to hold this anymore and get your matcha tea from Tea Globally. We’re one of the largest China tea producers worldwide.



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