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Determine the Causes of Academic Failure

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Determine the Causes of Academic Failure

Students who want to achieve are typically terrified of failing, which is understandable. Similarly, parents of students are terrified of seeing their children fail academically, because academic achievement appears to be so important in today's modern culture for upward mobility.

Of fact, the Causes of Academic Failure may not always fall solely on the student. Many students find themselves in conditions that prevent them from succeeding, generally as a result of socioeconomic position and concerns with educational inequality. These are significant concerns that should be addressed in a separate article.

For the purposes of this article, Causes of Academic Failure refers to a student's incapacity to progress despite having access to all essential resources.

Causes of Academic Failure


Failure is caused by fear of failure, or even fear of success. This appears to be unfair, yet it is regrettably true. Many students let their fear of failure prevent them from doing necessary chores that would help them excel academically.

Fear of Failure

Some students are afraid of failing, so they neglect their studies and quit trying, assuming that if they don't try, they won't have to feel awful about failing. This type of worry might arise in kids who are overachievers or who do not believe in their academic abilities.

Educators can assist students overcome their fear of failure by reminding them that failure can be used to learn.

Fear of Success

Other students are afraid of success, which is frequent among students who are concerned about the obligations they will face if they achieve or how their lives will change if they accomplish. If they succeed, they may be afraid of college or a demanding profession. Students may be concerned about leaving others, such as family members or friends, behind if they achieve.

These children must be reminded that they have power over their life and may choose how far they will go. However, if they do not realise their full potential, they will be robbing the world of their skills.

Lack of Preparation

Other pupils fail as a result of a lack of preparedness. This might sometimes imply that they did not complete the essential tasks along the route, such as studying for examinations, completing crucial assignments, or submitting college applications.

Students who did not prepare may have allowed their learning to fall short at school without seeking the assistance they required to grasp the subject, and they now believe they are too far behind to catch up.

Fear of failure or success may often contribute to a lack of preparation, although students may not prepare for other reasons, such as laziness.


Students who eschew the hard work required for academic success may fail as a result of laziness. Some students never learn to respect hard work or practise challenging themselves, and as a result, they never become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Educators and guardians can sometimes help children overcome their lethargy by instilling a strong work ethic; but, if students are lazy even after getting assistance from those around them, they will likely lag behind.

Lack of Motivation 

Students might become indifferent when they lack motivation. Students who are uninspired may believe that academic accomplishment is unimportant or that they will never attain it. Students who lack motivation may have encountered a significant amount of failure early in their schooling and believe there is no use in continuing to attempt.

Last words

You now have a solid grasp of the causes of academic failure and how to overcome it as a consequence of the preceding discussion. In addition to exam preparation, students are saddled with a huge number of writing tasks such as essays, research papers, and so on.

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