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How Programmatic Advertising Works [Infographic]

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How Programmatic Advertising Works [Infographic]

Programmatic Advertising is the fastest growing form of advertising in the US today. It is a powerful form of digital advertising that enables the advertiser to deliver their ads with greater accuracy to their target market and to have complete control of ad spend and data.

The infographic above details the steps of how programmatic advertising works.

Step 1: Identification Of Your Target Prospect

A prospect lands on a web page that identifies a target audience.

Step 2: Target Prospect Is Added To Auction Platform

The website publisher that collected the data from the target prospect landing on their page puts up the ad impression for auction.

Step 3: Ad Market Place Hold Auction

The Ad marketplace holds an auction where advertisers can bid for their ad to appear on that target audience's devices. This would be your ad appearing on your target audience devices, so you will be bidding against other people that also want their ad to appear on that prospect's devices.

Step 4: Highest Bid Wins

The advertiser that bids the most for the impression wins the right for their ad to be displayed on the specific target prospect's devices.

Step 5: Your Ad Goes Live

Your ad is then delivered to the specific target prospect, so you pay for your ad to appear only on your specific target audience devices.

Step 6: Target Prospect Clicks On Your Ad

The specifically targeted prospect clicks on the ad and the advertiser converts them to a customer/sale.


As you can see, the process is very slick and is the process that we provide for you at Ranwell Productions. It enables you, the advertiser to just pay for your ads to appear in front of people that are interested in what you have to offer, whether it is a product or a service or if you only want your target audience to become familiar with your brand.

This means that programmatic advertising provides great value because you are not wasting money blasting your ad in front of people that have no interest in what you are offering.

Programmatic advertising enables you, the advertiser to: –

  • Only advertise to people that are interested in what you offer
  • Be in control of your ad spend
  • Control your ad spend in “real-time”
  • Scale your ad campaign at any time you are ready
  • Get a higher ROI from your ad spend

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Ranwell Productions
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