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Do You Know Differences between laser marking and engraving?

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Do You Know Differences between laser marking and engraving?

They are both entirely different mechanisms that are followed up in processes, and laser marking will never change material Appearance. laser marking is based on material oxidation mechanism. While laser engraving removes material. Laser engraving is done through vaporization mechanism. Surface material remains intact during laser marking. In contrast, the material's outer surface is removed because of the high-powered laser beam in laser engraving. Laser marking is used for barcodes, QR codes, and other text marks on plastics, metals, glass, leather, and wood. Metal, thermoplastic, glass, leather, and wooden surfaces are all suitable for laser engraving.


UV lasers

UV laser can even be used to engrave from metal to paper. Pulsed high-power ultraviolet lasers can be used to efficiently cut and drill small holes in a range of materials, including some that are visible light transparent. Uv laser best for making on plastic and glass.


Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy is a technique that uses high-energy UV pulses.


Fibre lasers

Fibre lasers are a type of solid-state laser with a very small focus diameter and a much higher intensity than a CO2 system. Fibre laser is ideal for permanent marking applications, including serial no. and bar codes.


CO2 lasers

The laser beam is produced in a sealed glass tube filled with gas in modern CO2 lasers. After that, a high voltage is applied to the tube, which reacts with the gas particles, increasing their energy and producing light. Co2 laser is one of the earliest gas laser developments, high-powered Continous Wave laser. Co2 application is cutting and welding low powered co2. 


YAG lasers

YAG lasers, also known as flash lamps or lamp-pumped lasers, use a lamp (bulb) to pump the laser and a crystal as the gain medium. Both are housed in an optical resonator, which reflects light and aids in the production of laser light.

The technologies are evolving and becoming more polished all the time. Different lasers can perform this for different types of metals, allowing for more precise operations.

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Lamacoids Town
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