MojoLand Sonipat - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go


Mojoland is an amazing and adventurous amusement water park located on the highway on GT Karnal Road, near Murthal. However, it is situated deliberately in Sonepat, the border of Delhi, and is bound to grab your eyes if you are travelling along the road. It is a multi-theme park that is styled to give a whole new experience. Further, with the amazonian surroundings and many brimming attractions, it is a fantastic park. Accordingly, it has something for everyone here, rides, adventures, and many more. Therefore, give your taste buds a treat by enjoying multi-cuisine restaurants in this theme park. Thus, there is a popular mantra that this park says ‘One scary thing a day keeps the inner mojo awake.’ 

Furthermore, the place is divided into four parts and has its own special attractions to attract and entertain you. Moreover, In this amusement park, you can go on themed adventures, and have fun while challenging your caffeine quantity with the daredevil rides and the steep climaxes.

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Here are the rides you can enjoy at Mojoland Sonipat

  • ATV

Experience various terrains of Mojoland in ATVs and enjoy racing with fellow ATV fans. Rock climbing: with a secure setup, climb the rocks carefully and safely. Additionally, an agitating activity that needs a lot of physical strength.

  • Freefall

Jump into the deep hole below, and explore the power of gravity acting on you with no base at the bottom. 

  • Bungee Ejection

Jump down from the soaring heights on a bungee, and let the adrenaline rush overwhelm you. However, with the free fall in the steep valley where only gravity is acting on you, explore the new dimensions of adventure. 

  • Giant swing

The giant swing at Mojoland where you can swing to heights, and scream at the top of your voice.

  • Sky cycling

Cycle on the high ladders in the sky, and be ready for the insane pumping of adrenaline. Further, the pedal slowly looks down at the steep valleys on the narrow bridge at the heights.

Scream Tower: Also, scream the life out of you in this intense adventure ride where you are dropp deep down at high speed. Therefore, this ride takes you up and drops down instantaneously without giving you an advance notice.

  • Tyre walking

Balance yourself on the tyres, learning about the art of stability and control. Then, with the rolling tyres, run quickly to ensure that you don't slip off.

  • High rope

Walk on the high ropes here to experience the thrill of daring and carry out your mission. Furthermore, do not worry if you are a novice, for there are safety gears to help you complete your quest successfully! 

  • Ziplining

Zip across the metal wires set here and relieve your Tom Cruise fantasy by cruising past the line.

  • Low rope

It is your chance now to live the moment by walking on the ropes tied across poles. In addition, live the dream of being an acrobat by training your body to balance carefully.

  • Rocket ejection

Experience the tense moments of a pilot in this ride where a simulation of rocket ejection is applied to you. Even so, In this simulated ride, you are ejected out of a rocket after a game of flying a plane.

  • Commando net

This adventurous activity helps you bond with your peers and family as you scale across the hurdles on the ropes. Moreover, with net ropes weaved across, grasp them and clear the obstacles to scale the commando net and reach your target.

Places to eat around Mojoland Sonipat

Food and drinks from outside are not allowed inside the Mojoland Sonipat and are cancelled at the entrance. However, you can buy food inside the Mojoland Sonipat in the various stalls and cafeterias present here, which serve a variety of dishes ranging from burgers and popcorn to typical Indian meals.

Therefore, there are many beverage outlets which will provide you with refreshing drinks. Further, If you want to eat outside, there are several restaurants in the vicinity.

  • Mannat Haveli

Just one kilometre from Mojoland, this place is ideal for fine dining. Furthermore, take your family or partner here for a calm and fantastic eating experience.

  • Jassons Sheez Mahal

This restaurant is five hundred metres away from Mojoland, and you can pop in here for a hearty meal. As, It serves Indian, Chinese, and Asian Cuisine with a wide variety of fast food.

  • Virajman Dhaba

Moreover, located at a distance of one kilometre, you can find the typical North-Indian Dhaba-style meals here.

How to reach at Mojoland Sonipat 

You can reach Mojoland Sonipat by driving from Delhi on the GT Karnal Road. Also, you can book a cab or taxi to get here. Likewise, If you want to take public transport, catch a bus moving towards Himachal Pradesh or Chandigarh from Delhi. Thus, If you come to Sonipat, you must catch a bus moving towards Delhi. 

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