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Things to know in other to succeed by wisdom. - Apostle Joshua Talena

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Things to know in other to succeed by wisdom. - Apostle Joshua Talena

Things to know in other to succeed by wisdom.

1.Direction: Show me the direction of your life and I'll show you the level of your wisdom.

To be successful, you must be directed. When wisdom is activated, direction is clear. When your life is directed, you'll determine who should accompany you in the journey of life. Once you're directed,you will avoid pouring your energy in the wrong endeavor. When wisdom is in your life you will be directed and you will avoid the existence of uncertainty. (Genesis 17:1

2. Increase: Every increase you see in life is rooted in wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to see ahead and plan the future.( Proverbs 3:14. Wisdom is the controlling factor in every area of your life. (Proverbs 4:5

3. Sustain joy and peace: Peace is more important than any war. To be excited is your wisdom to exit any condition. Where there is no joy, you end in embarrassment. Until you are ready to rejoice, you are not ready to be released. Joy supplies strength for success.(Nehemiah 8:10, Isaiah 13:3, Psalm 126:5

Anywhere there is the allocation of joy, there is the dispensing of strength, joy releases inspiration, joy determines answers to prayers.( Ecclesiastes 5:20, joy in heart, equals to answer from the lord. You can't request from God until you have rejoiced, joy is the secret of celebration.(Proverbs 15:15, Joel 1:12., depression is the key to dryness.

If you want to increase in life be joyful, tension free life is the key to wisdom.

4. Inspiration: Inspiration gives rise to wisdom, inspiration is the foundation for wisdom, inspiration is the light that shines into a man's spirit, from the spirit of the lord.(2 Corinthians 3:18. Inspiration is access into God's ideas. it is God's idea that leads to succees not good idea.

Inspiration is connection to the thought and plans of God. Inspiration is contact to revelation, you can not rob mind with the all wise God and be stupid, you are not inspired until you traffic in the regions of revelation.

How do I aquire inspiration for wisdom?

i. In the place of prayer.

I. In the place of worship.(2Kings 3:12

iii. In the night seasons. Psalm 16:7

5. The impartation of your man of God: You cannot succeed beyond the impartation of your mentor.

A mentor is a trusted teacher, an information focused. Your pastor is your number one Chanel of impartation.

God uses experience to teach fools who refuse to sit under their mentors. Impartation is a shortcut to uncommon success, it is success without process, it is what the bible is all about.

The greatest secret of your success is hidden in your mentors.

Two ways to get wisdom.......

i. By impartation 

ii. By experience.

Impartation is the deposit of divinity upon a man by a man for the purpose of circumventing process.

Shepherd House
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