Get the Best Out of Your Employees Using Lean Leadership Practices


As a business owner, you deal with many challenges daily. One of the challenges you can face is handling your team or employees and making them productive for optimal output. All business owners want to make the most of their team, but unfortunately, not all are able to do the same. Do you know the reasons? Continue reading to learn more. 

The reason why you are unable to make your team productive is you lack lean leadership skills or practices. Lean six sigma consulting service will equip you with lean leadership skills. After all, what do you mean by lean leadership?

To understand it, keep the term lean aside and focus on what leadership is. Effective leadership is when you have the ability to inspire people around you to get the best. But when it comes to lean leadership, you are liable to play a critical role in your organization. 

A lean leader may not always have a position of authority. They explore new ways of doing something in order to assist their team in the best way possible. Lean leaders work as a teacher with you. They not only pass orders to do a particular job but are also involved in the journey with you. 

Moreover, we are here to learn how you, as a lean leader, can boost your team's performance and get the best out of them. By the end of this article, you will better understand how you influence your team as a lean leader. 

Top lean leadership practices for the best performance of your team

  • You need to empower the people around you

If you really want to boost the output of your employees, how a particular job needs to be done. Help your team by doing a task rather than only preaching. Guide your team on how they can add new capabilities and find answers to questions. If you are doing micromanagement, you need to stop it now. Let your team take responsibility and trust them. According to John Maxwell, "Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others." So, you also need to empower your team without any micromanagement. 

  • Work with patience and toleration

With patience and tolerance, it is hard to achieve anything in life. Patience helps you when you think to quit, while tolerance increases your adaptability to any environment. With these two tools, you can take your organization to the next level with the help of your team. 

In addition, you will be able to give the best results from your end and your team's end. Moreover, if you lack this lean leadership practice, you should not delay calling a lean six sigma consulting service. A consulting service is all you need to upskill yourself for a better future. 

  • Become a good storyteller 

What came to your mind as you saw this point? You might be thinking about telling fictional and entertaining stories, and unfortunately, there is nothing like that. Storytelling means sharing your real-life experiences with team members to interact with them on a deeper level. 

You can create a story bank with your real-life struggles and use stories when you need them. When picking an account, make sure it has come from struggle and success. Moreover, you can learn business storytelling with a lean six sigma consulting service. A business consulting service will help you become a storyteller. 

  • Pay close attention to the subtleties.

As a lean leader, you must pay attention to the subtleties. You need to find the root cause of any problem and then implement root solutions. Understand the issues first and then apply a solution. 

  • Become a listener

One of the practices that you can apply to make your team production is your ability to listen to someone. You can think about how one's listening ability can boost someone's productivity, and here is your answer. 

Lean leaders are always good listeners. It means that they don't react without listening to the prosperity of an individual. They pay their full attention when any team member talks about something. They listen to the key points and then create an action plan. So, ask yourself if you are a good listener or if you don't interrupt when someone is speaking. If not, call a lean six sigma consulting service. It will make a lean leader who listens to everyone. 

  • Change the old way of talking about a problem. 

If you want to create a lean organization, your employees should feel that they can safely point out problems. You need to allow your team members to share their ideas on solutions and improvement. They should not feel restricted when it comes to being open to a cause. Your team should feel free to share their problem-solving capabilities. 

If you are a leader of a traditional mindset, you may not like all these things. But in order to become a lean leader, it is crucial to see a situation. The way you see a problem reflects your employees' mindset. 


These are the things you can do to make the most out of your employees. To become a successful lean dear, you need to become a storyteller, problem solver, and an individual who empowers others. It is not a problem if you don't follow lean leadership practices. You can be open about problems with a lean leadership consultant.

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