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Investments in solar energy that can help your company save money

Shams Power
Investments in solar energy that can help your company save money



Solar power works by transforming sunlight into electricity. This power may be used in your house or exported to the grid when not in use. This is accomplished by mounting solar panels on your roof, which provide DC (Direct Current) power. This is then supplied into a solar inverter, transforming your solar panels' direct current (DC) power to alternating current (AC).

With growing utility costs and a significant reduction in purchasing and installing solar systems, solar power has emerged as a viable and cost-effective energy option for business owners.

Installing solar power systems may appear to be a major expenditure at first, but it may give several benefits in the long term.

Shams Power offers the finest services of Solar Energy in Pakistan to help you lower your power expenses with Solar Energy Savings.


Several factors influence the cost of solar panel installation


Several factors determine the cost of solar panel installation. The most significant aspect of your company's energy needs is its energy use. The system's quality and qualities will also determine the cost. Not all solar panels are created equal.

The cost of solar permits and labour are two additional elements that influence the overall cost of solar installation. Businesses must pay a charge to connect their solar energy panels to the grid, and installation involves much physical effort. Another consideration is the roof on which you intend to place solar panels. With some roofs, it might be extremely simple and basic.


Enhanced Reliability


Power outages are an inevitable aspect of being linked to the grid, but they may be costly for companies. One hour of downtime may cost a company more than $100,000, according to 98% of businesses. You reduce your odds of encountering an outage if you possess your generation resources and are linked to the grid. Combining solar or wind with a battery can increase the resilience of your system.


The ability to sell electricity to the power grid


If a company installs an energy-generating system that generates more energy than it consumes, it may frequently sell that excess energy back to the grid. This indicates that renewable energy may be more than just a cost-cutting measure. It may also be used to supplement your income. Selling electricity back to the grid can assist pay for installing solar panels or another energy system.


Solar Energy Costs for Businesses


Since 2011, the cost of solar panels has plummeted by more than 80%. Because most solar energy system suppliers provide flexible alternatives such as solar loans, solar leases, and PPAs, most small companies do not have to pay any money upfront. With these flexible investment alternatives, practically everyone can go solar.

The firm's energy usage determines the cost of solar energy systems for businesses. As a result, the cost of one procedure may differ dramatically from another. Most small- to medium-sized enterprises may benefit from a 30kW solar power installation. A solar system of such magnitude can cost approximately $75,000 to buy and install in 2016.


Price Fluctuation Protection


Energy prices fluctuate throughout time, and they may be rather harsh at times. The price of energy is affected by changes in the amount of accessible fuel, demand for power, and the expenses of generating, distributing, and transporting electricity. However, if a company controls its generation resources, it does not have to be concerned about prospective price variations. This allows companies to anticipate expenses more accurately.


Lowering of Energy Bills


Reduced energy expenses are one of the most obvious ways renewable energy may save businesses money. Companies may utilize renewable energy to power their activities by installing solar panels, wind turbines, and other kinds of renewable energy on their sites. Depending on how much capacity they install and how much energy they use, these resources can provide a large percentage, if not all, of their energy requirements.


Improved Investor Confidence and Customer Reputation


Using renewables can also help businesses enhance their performance and generate more income in the long run. Customers are increasingly looking for ecologically responsible enterprises to buy from, and certain partners and investors may only be interested in companies that satisfy particular sustainability standards. Investing in renewable energy also demonstrates to investors that a firm is forward-thinking. Switching to renewables may boost investor confidence, increase corporate values, and improve a firm's customer reputation.


Solar Signs and Lighting for the Outdoors


Depending on the size of your company and the surrounding land, the cost of outdoor lighting might account for a sizable amount of your power bill. Outdoor solar lights can help you save money on your power bills.


PV technology is utilized in solar lights to gather thermal energy and store it in batteries, which are then used to illuminate the landscape, walking routes, roadways, and parking lots. They are an appealing alternative for regions with simple access to electric power because they are normally self-contained and can run independently of an electric grid.

If solar lighting is a viable alternative for your business, ensure that the anticipated placement area receives consistent sunshine. In addition, find out how long the lights will run at night; some may run for four hours, while others may run for twelve.


Alternatives to Solar Energy


Before we begin, it's vital to grasp a few basic ideas underlying solar power photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal technologies.

PV solar technology transforms sunshine into energy, which may be utilized similarly to ordinary power (e.g., plugging in a light). PV technology is more adaptable and, in some situations, can remove the requirement for conventional electricity; nonetheless, it is an expensive investment.

On the other hand, solar thermal technologies use the sun's warmth to generate hot water or heat and cool air. Though less adaptable, solar thermal technology is frequently more economical and provides a wonderful option for company owners to begin harvesting the sun's energy.


Shams Power


Shams Power is proud to have successfully operated 10+ MW of distributed solar projects for numerous notable corporates in Pakistan, optimally using their rooftop, carport, and ground surfaces. We efficiently service big Retail, Wholesale, Food Processing, Educational, Automobile, Hospital, and Manufacturing businesses throughout Pakistan as part of our expanding customer portfolio. Hyundai Nishat Motors, Packages Mall, AkzoNobel, Nishat Emporium Mall, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Metro Cash & Carry, Menu Chicken, Maxim International, Seasons Canola, and many more are among our cherished clients. Please contact us at (+92) 0341 7426777 for additional details.




To summarise, investing in solar energy in Pakistan is the ideal step for businesses that want to save money now and in the future, cut overhead expenses, obtain consistent and sufficient electricity, and become environmentally and socially responsible.

Shams Power
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