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Social media marketing trends 2022

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Social media marketing trends 2022

1)MEME Marketing

Meme marketing had been popular for quite some time but we continue to see it for one simple reason it works.

See it’s important to understand basic user psychology when they are visiting different social media platforms such as:- 

why are most people there?

For most people, it is to engage, connect, and be entertained. A meme kinda does all these things. There are tons of meme generation websites out there that you can use to make content related to your industry. long story short, memes are funny you can give them a shot on your Instagram marketing strategy.

2)Social audio

This is kind of content, I am a kind of half in agreement but it depends upon the context you see if we are talking about social audio being through any form such as a podcast or any other long-form of audio. Then yeah I am all in because it growing and it’s a great place to invest your time money and energy.

On the other hand, the short form of audio, never really seemed to catch on, at least not yet.

3)B2B marketing

Next is using Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for B2B marketing(business to business) essentially those whose customers aren’t necessarily the general public but rather other businesses now. This trend is interesting because the powerhouse in the b2b world has pretty much forever been Linkedin but there are some limitations with Linkedin that becomes more apparent when compared to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. One of those limitations is that Linkedin is a bit of a formal app where you make connections with esteemed professionals but on Instagram making a reputation is easy also depending on the industry you are in.

Many students are doing an impressive style of B2B marketing using Instagram by just creating relevant and good content.

4) Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing had been quite popular since 2019 so many brands are focusing on collaborating with influencers of that relevant industry.

However, the way in which they were collaborating will be changed. Nowadays businesses collaborate with influencers for a series of content, not just 1 or 2 posts.

And businesses also do equal efforts in promoting the content by the creators.

Bigger businesses are expecting to collaborate with micro-influencers and niche bloggers to bring embrace and transparency to their marketing efforts. This also means that brands will be very cautious in choosing influencers and fake imposters prospering on fake followers.

5)Long-form content.

This is one I can agree 100% upon. Think of it as if you have an option for somebody to consume 20 seconds or 20 minutes of your content, it’s obviously clear which content is gonna give you more credibility, more authority, expertise, and trust.

Long-form content is a very positive trend to target in the right direction as many creators are now changing the duration of their content and making them longer.

6)Short form vertical content

Whether it’s youtube shorts, Instagram, or any other platforms like TikTok(which is banned in India) or anything in which you hold your phone in a vertical manner and make a video shorter than 2-3 minutes. But I would never suggest you swap out your long-form content with short-form content but shorts are desirable to the target audience and algorithms are liking it too.

7)Video marketing

Video marketing is a type of marketing where the video is the main form of creative collateral.

Video ads perform better as compared to static image ads. In some recent studies, it has been found that video ads get more reach, more clicks, and far too less cost per lead.

In the last two years. Two important video trends have emerged first, demand for video has increased, and second, the cost of video making is decreased. There are a lot many software or apps available to make videos making it simpler than ever.

8)Social commerce

Social commerce means making a purchase or doing your shopping right inside different social media platforms that are not just limited to the Facebook marketplace which is more of a marketplace than an in-app shopping experience now. Many apps do have the ability to actually make purchases and collect payments and do all the shopping stuff without even leaving the platform.

It basically reduces the friction for the customers making it more likely for them to see their purchase. This is the trend we are going to see for quite some time.

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