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AI in digital marketing.

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AI in digital marketing.

When we think about AI in digital marketing, the examples that came to my mind are SIRI or Alexa which just works on our voice command, and also self-driving automatic cars. Which do not need any human resources to work.

As we look at them, they seem very easy to work but thousands of machines and programs are working behind the scene and that’s what makes our life straightforward by automating simple tasks and calculations.

This is true for every industry and business function, and particularly true in marketing, where leveraging AI to put our products and services in front of potential customers has been basic practice for some time, without even realizing it.

What are the benefits of AI in digital marketing?

1) Improved personalization and recommendations.

The way how consumers are interacting is changing now such as how they are interacting or responding to any marketing method.

Nowadays, people want messages personalized to them, they want messages to be personalized according to their location. interest and needs.

Research done by BRP consulting says that 64% of consumers are fine with retailers saving their purchase history and preferences if it allows them to offer a more personalized experience.

AI allows marketers to personalize communication rather than the pre-defined target groups.

AI works by predicting customer behavior based on actions they performed earlier.

Marketers can now send content and marketing messages that will lead to sales or conversions.

You must be familiar with the recommendations given by Netflix, Amazon, or Flipkart. They give recommendations on basis of what you have watched performed or streamed on their platforms. They collect a lot of data from you.

For example:- all the purchases you have done on amazon, items left in your cart, apps you have been downloading in the past time, ratings you gave on products, and reviews that are given.

Amazon can use this data to give you product recommendations.

Let’s say you’ve bought a pair of running shoes, then amazon will recommend you running shorts or vitamins for your bone health.

By analyzing data, machine learning algorithms enable marketers to offer a personalized user experience.

2)Customer service chatbots.

Facebook, Whatsapp business, and many more examples are becoming popular and easy ways to contact customers and companies but every customer is important, and curating them with more staff can be very expensive.

In small businesses, we can manage to deal with customers with our staff only.

To improve communication, reduce the workload, and provide a faster response to customers, some organizations are using chatbots to deal with customer queries by providing instant pre-defined replies to them at any time of the day.

Chatbots can be programmed to give replies to frequently asked questions or redirect them to human service providers if the query is too complex to understand.

That means a major part of customer queries are resolved by the chatbots and now you can focus on dealing with conversations that need a more personal response.

With virtual assistants like Google, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana we are getting more comfortable with using these chatbots and even considering them as real people.

Chatbots are not just as cost-effective as hiring some staff members also they can work more efficiently than human resources in some cases.

Such as machines do not have a bad day so they will always be humble polite and kind to customers.

3) Search engine optimization.

Search algorithms are changing day by day in every aspect from small eCommerce sites to giants like Google where millions of people search every day.

AI can use your past browsing history to give you results 

Such as if you are searching for a Chinese restaurant, Google will show you results for a Chinese restaurant near me rather than Chinese restaurants in general.

Voice search is becoming more common nowadays, people use voice search for almost everything.

Further, with the growth of mobile internet usage and smart home speakers, voice search has increased and is expected to continue doing so.

AI is important to understand the speech patterns and different accents for the same language.

 AI can be used to optimize content for voice search, helping to improve SEO and site traffic as we are moving increasingly into a voice-operated digital world.

4) Reduced data errors

Human beings are the creator of every machine in this world but humans are prone to make mistakes more often. 

This can be harmful when using data, especially large data.

Machine algorithms can process a large quantity of data without even getting tired and making any mistakes.

They can look at the record and give the right results.

AI can be used to reduce outdated data and duplicated data, nowadays, a lot of software is available that uses AI to merge, compare and combine several data from different resources without duplicating the data.

5) Predicting customer behaviors to improve ROI

Machines are too good at learning data and understanding patterns in the past few interactions. they can even tell what a customer is going to do before even the customer decides.

AI software uses data and statistical models to predict future behavior based on past behavior and characteristics. It does this with startling accuracy.

When you see someone’s actions and shopping behavior you can direct highly personalized messages to them which can help get conversions and nurture them.

This is a complex process but AI does all this hard work for you

With the help of this intelligent software, you can not only gain new insights about your customers but also automatically deliver marketing messages at exactly the right time for the best chance of a sale.

AI will help you to find your most valuable Lead so that you can give extra focus on them rather than using your time on the customers who will not buy.

Gryffindor academy
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