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Modular Kitchen Design By Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

Mohit Bansal
Modular Kitchen Design By Mohit Bansal Chandigarh

After the living room, the most important room to every house member in a family would be the kitchen. In studies, it has been reported that a family member spends around 2 to 3 hours in the kitchen making it an important part of your house. Not to mention how many times we open the refrigerator and other drawers just to check out the food items. And not to say that without a good kitchen, filled with amenities will difficult the process of cooking, on the other hand, a kitchen with full amenities will make the cooking process easy for you.  You cook food that goes inside your body thus it is important for your kitchen to be clean and organized so that your food is healthy and germ-ridden. And there are plenty more reasons why you need to have a modular kitchen at your house to make your life easy. 

There are many modular kitchen layouts, see further to find out what can be best for your house. 

Straight modular kitchen 

If you have one wall kitchen then this layout would be perfect for you. It is the best layout for compact kitchens. This layout is set only on one wall of your kitchen. If you don’t have many requirements for your kitchen then this would be the best layout for you to go for. 

L Shaped kitchen 

This type of kitchen is generally found in average size houses which can have enough storage space. With this type of layout, you can store every kitchen appliance and item in your kitchen itself no need to keep your oven or toaster in a drawer!

U shaped kitchens 

Ah! The kitchen for the big houses and big families. Because this comes with 3 walls giving you ample counter space. It offers you ample area to work and easily 2 to 3 people can work together. This kitchen does not serve the idea of ‘TOO MANY COOKS.’

Parallel kitchen 

If you want a huge counter space then this should be the layout for you because you will have two parallel counter spaces to cook it. This will work beautifully in both compact kitchens and huge open kitchens. 

Island kitchen 

If you are someone who loves to have a designer kitchen then this is the layout for you because it comes with the serving station as well or rather than a serving station you can have a dining table at the same place. 

Here are some of the tips for your modular kitchen – 

Organizing and setting up the space

Before deciding on the layout and starting with the design you need to analyze what your kitchen space is like. You need to organize how the different layouts will look in your kitchen. As said earlier for smaller kitchens, a straight modular kitchen or a parallel layout kitchen will go best, for someone who does not work much in the kitchen can also go for a straight modular kitchen. If you have 2 walls in your kitchen you can go for l shaped kitchen and for bigger homes u shaped or island kitchens would be great. 

The golden triangle rules 

The golden triangle rule is also called the kitchen triangle rule. The rule is being applied to make your kitchen more efficient. It is upon you to follow the rule to its best or just use some of its essence. Such as the idea of the rule to use the best of the kitchen space but then you do not have to follow the rule according to sizes or measures it mentions. 

Think through the electrical points. 

In the kitchen other than the drawers it is important to think about where you want all the electrical fixtures and other sockets. Because it should be accessible for you to operate all the kitchen appliances and have all of them handy. On this decision, you can also narrow down where you can set up your ovens or OTGS. 

Kitchen colors 

Yes, colors and paint are also important in the kitchen, to make it combine with the house and to make sure that it does not look different from the house. With the paints on the wall, you should decide on the marble of your kitchen and even the color of your fridge. Think how bizarre it would be if your whole house is based on the theme of neutrals and then your fridge is of red or maroon color, which does not blend. So, look out for color options in your kitchen as well. 

Cabinets and drawers 

Make the cabinets and drawers large and easy to open so that you can use ample space and keep all the kitchen items in them. Make sure that the material used is heat and water-resistant. 


Three pendant lights should be placed at the same height, equally spaced, and at least six inches from the island's edge. Linear suspension lights are great for the kitchen, especially if you have high ceilings and can hang one at least 40" above the counter. 

So these were some of the tips for you to look out for when you are designing or making your own modular kitchen. 

Mohit Bansal
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