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Which Industries Must Take AR and VR Technology Seriously And Make A Difference in 2022?

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Which Industries Must Take AR and VR Technology Seriously And Make A Difference in 2022?

While one part of the internet is going gaga over the AR VR trends, many industries are oblivious to the amazing benefits that AR VR has to offer to them. AR model and VR model have together revolutionized the world for good and have made an effort to mitigate whatever little drawbacks the digital world offered. This is why it is high time that the industries realize their value and figure out their role to boost their business.

Before we enlist the names of the industries that should hop on to the AR VR wave for a business surge, let us first understand what AR VR technology can offer.

1. What all can AR VR technology offer?

• 3D printing VR- Digital sculptors can sculpt designs on VR software with VR 3d modeling techniques and make models of the required structure. These structures can then be 3D printed to attain the VR model as a real-world object.

• 3D scanning for VR- Everything- from the human body for medical purposes to an entire mansion for real estate business- everything can be 3d scanned to make its VR models that make working on them easier

• AR Glasses- These glasses are used to add a graphical or visual element to whatever the human eyes look at. This smart glasses 3d model can elevate the user experience in all fields, from gaming to scientific research.

2. Top Industries that must take AR and VR Technology seriously and make a difference in 2022

Though these technologies can be introduced in almost any sector, experts suggest that the following industries must essentially incorporate the techniques for their development.

• Education- The post-pandemic scenario has made educators realize the scope of technology in imparting education. 3D AR and VR technology can assist educational experiences making them more comprehensive.

• Healthcare- Various AR VR 3d models help visualize the ailments of the human body and study them better. It is also predicted that the surgeries will become less invasive and more accurate with the advent of such technologies.

• Real Estate — With the help of 3d scanning and imaging, accurate dimensions and structures can be recorded and presented to potential buyers. This will significantly affect the business by making it more cost-efficient and time-effective.

• Retail and eCommerce- One of the greatest drawbacks of e-commerce was that the customs could not gauge how the product would look in the real space, but with the virtual 3d model of the item, this challenge can also be dealt with easily.

• Manufacturing sector- As mentioned earlier, accurate 3d VR models of products can be made digitally to visualize the manufactured product. This gives the manager a lot of clarity and flexibility and makes the manufacturing process easier. Even if changes are required, they can be made and visualized without wastage of raw material.

3. The most striking trends of AR VR expected in 2022

The experts have predicted some of the most noteworthy trends in the AR VR sector that will shake the world in 2022. These trends have already begun at a small level, but they are expected to expand and bloom in 2022.

• You will be able to try on clothes, glasses, lipsticks, shoes, and even see how a sofa set looks with the help of AR filters that some of the brands have already introduced. These help you visualize how the item looks in the real world and are accurate with sizes and dimensions.

• The gaming and sports industry will see a major development as the AR glasses and high-end earphones will make you feel more involved in the activity. The pre-existing VR gaming technologies will become more advanced and less expensive due to improvements in the sector.

• People will be able to attend live events online from vast distances without the feeling of missing out. The VR technology will make live online events as immersive as attending the event live.

Overall, the introduction of AR 3d models and VR 3d models will open a new door of opportunity and business for all those who are attentive and keen to grow. With the help of Ikarus 3D, you can implement all these technologies and more to your business and see it reaching new heights in 2022. Our expert with a collective experience of over 50 years in AR VR technologies can effectively introduce these into your business.

Ikarus 3D
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